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Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and an unforgettable World Cup final

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Lusail, Qatar — Sometimes games deviate from standard definitions and begin to take on certain human traits. It ignores assumption after assumption, dazzles and stuns, stuns and agitates, twists and turns and bends back as if it were laughing. It soars into a life of its own — unusually alive, perhaps even delighting in its own whims.

And sometimes, like this endorphin festival World Cup final between Argentina and France Sunday night, amidst the bizarre hustle and bustle of Lusail Stadium, it pulls off tricks the rest of the world can’t.

I watched Argentina and its 35-year-old world hero Lionel Messi kick off the hard art of processing how they defeated France and their 23-year-old world hero Kylian Mbappe (4) 10 A billion people are where this person is headed. -2 on penalty kicks after an unrealistic 3-3 draw. They can remember the journey that 46 million Argentines, 67 million French and much of the world took on this incident. From 2-0 Argentina after 79 minutes to 2-2 after 3-2 from 90 minutes. Argentina has 120 to penalties after her 108 to 3 to 3. This is where this entire episode breathes into the future.

Lionel Messi clinches World Cup glory as Argentina beat France in captivating final

In cafés, hairdressers, pubs, classrooms and dens, one manager, Lionel Scaroni of Argentina, said, “The match was completely insane,” while another manager, Didier Deschamps of France, said about the night forever. can talk to I somehow managed to rise from the dead. ”

That’s heading into June 2026, when the next men’s World Cup starts in the United States, Mexico and Canada. How about that 2022 final? Messi seems to be missing in that event, shining in a near-dynasty France full of young stars, but what about that 2022 final? How close were you to winning an unprecedented third consecutive World Cup title?

People far away may not even be able to pinpoint where it happened. with its controversial host Both fascination and anxiety.

On December 18, after a three-hour match, fans celebrated Argentina’s World Cup victory. (Video: Washington Post)

People can talk about how Messi won the trophy and what he chased in five World Cups just before that chase came to an end. Talking about how he enhanced his own blossoming image as a ground-shaking figure who turned the losers into one of the opportunities to flatter as much as the winners, becoming the first man in the world to score three goals. It was England’s first cup final since Geoff Hurst in 1966, and the 81st-minute equalizer may be the most memorable of this surprise barrage.

“He can change the game in a split second,” Deschamps said early in the event. Meanwhile, France overcame an uncomfortable amount of injuries to clinch a subsequent final, the first since Brazil in 1998. Deschamps was the defending champion of the World Cup. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave it the way he wanted it to, and he was very disappointed. ”

The disappointment on that face carries over into our memories. That face says it all.

For example, those in the northern hemisphere are 120+3 that in the precious three minutes of extra time injury time, Mbappe, in an outrageous move through a defender, looked like he was going to do it all himself. may surprise you. on the left side and on the box.

Others, say those in the Southern Hemisphere, may remember Argentinian substitute Paulo Dybala shoving the ball away just before something even bigger than the rest happened.

‘Argentina endures’: moving celebration of World Cup victory in Buenos Aires

Among the maniacs, there may be talk of smart administrative decisions such as Scaroni starting 34-year-old Angel Di Maria. later. Or maybe talking about the extraordinary energy of her Muani, still 24-year-old Randalcolo, and Marcus Thuram, still 25-year-old, brought on by France’s substitution in the 41st minute. Hmm. Argentina’s Gonzalo Montiel was penalized for playing the ball with his arm in the 118th minute, Mbappe scored the equalizing goal and Messi scored before he postponed the win ten minutes later, as if he We ended up winning that because it looked like we had scored one. with the final penalty kick.

Some remember some of the threats and terrors before and after extra time.

On the streets of Argentine cities, people in crowds will remember how they waited 36 years to run to the streets of Argentine cities. is too much,” Scaroni said of helping give it to the Argentinian in difficult economic timesHe added: But they will be a little happier. That is wonderful. ”

But for the most part, people on the planet who have long been obsessed with the sport will remember how the night finally leaned towards Messi. But you will remember how he turned to his family and fans in Argentina who made an audible fuss. The 2021 Copa He will remember how he looked in America and his 2022 Worlds his cup and how he strived to win the international cup.Great stadium to withstand the noise – same stadium Argentina started here last month with loud noise from the other side 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia.

It’s an interesting planet worth hundreds of millions and displayed on billboards across various continents wishing peace of mind to Earth’s citizens. It’s what the world saw after the match, and it’s been spun into an unforgettable life.

world cup in qatar

up to date: Argentinaa won the world cup, in their first world championship since 1986, defeated France on penalties in a thrilling final day in Lusail, Qatar. France was aiming to become the first repeat her champion since Brazil won back-to-back trophies in his 1958 and her 1962.

World view today: Many critics, especially in the West, have always considered Qatar’s World Cup to be a contest shrouded in controversy. I want people to look at me differently.

perspective: “America is no laughingstock at men’s soccer right now. It’s on to something and more attuned to what works for the rest of the world, rather than stubbornly forcing American sports culture into international competition without the benefit of the best talent. doing. ” read Jerry Brewer on the future of the USA Men’s National Team.

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