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Man Shares Abdominal Etching Surgery Before and After Photos

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Chi Tang underwent abdominal etching surgery, a form of liposuction that helps define the abdominal muscles.

  • A New York City hairstylist shared his experience of undergoing “abdominal etching” surgery, a hot new beauty trend among men.
  • The stylist said he worked out and ate clean, but couldn’t get defined abs.
  • Surgery gave him the look he wanted, but the recovery process was painful.

Powerlifter in his mid-30s, Titaniumate well most of his adult life, but could not get the defined six pack he craved.

In 2019, New York City-based hair stylist Tang officially announced abdominal etching surgery — A form of liposuction that removes fat from around the abdominal muscles to make them more visible.

A once little-known procedure is hot among men nowwas even called “The male version of the boob job” By a reality star who underwent surgery.

Tang told Insider about his decision to have ab etching surgery and the painful recovery process, and why his bleak results are worth the $14,000 price tag.

Genes Determine Whether You Have a Six Pack, Not Just Exercise

Tan has been working out consistently since his mid-twenties, but says he never achieved a definite six pack. “I wasn’t big, I was already pretty fit,” Tang told his Insider. “But I was looking for a particular look.”

According to personal trainers, Tang is one of those people who can’t get washboard abs despite eating right and exercising. Noam Tamil, Founder and CEO of TS Fitness. Tamir told an insider that while exercise and clean eating can make a person leaner, getting Chris Hemsworth-style abs isn’t guaranteed. I can’t.

New York City hairstylist Chi Tang worked out regularly, but didn’t see a definite six pack until she had abdominal etching surgery.

“A lot of it has to do with things you don’t have a lot of control over,” Tamir said. [their abs].”

But Tang’s regular exercise routine and healthy diet made him a good candidate for abetch surgery. Doctors make an incision in the skin around the person’s abdominal muscles and aspirate the fat deposits from the area. health line report. In this way, doctors can “etch” the abdominal muscles by removing fat cells close to the surface of the skin where the muscles are located.

According to Tamir, it does not guarantee visible abs for life. There is. [the fat] They haven’t learned anything, so they’ll be right back [healthy] It’s a habit,” said Tamir.

Tang described ‘extremely painful’ recovery period after ab etching surgery

Searching online, Tang found a doctor in Houston who specializes in ab etching surgery. He made plans, booked flights and hotels, left on his own, and finally got a six pack.

Although Tang was asleep, the entire operation took less than two hours. The hairstylist woke up in the doctor’s office who performed the operation, feeling less pain due to the lingering effects of the anesthetic he was given. rice field.

But the next morning, Tan woke up in “extreme pain” in his hotel room. He said his abs felt “tight” and he could barely walk. “When I woke up, my reaction was, ‘Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into,'” Tan said. I was surprised.”

The pain and discomfort was so severe that it took me 10 minutes to get up from a lying position, and even simple tasks like going to the bathroom or delivering food were painful. Tang said she turned down strong, highly addictive pain relievers and relied on ibuprofen and her calming YouTube videos to get through.

Chi Tang spent a week in Houston recovering from abdominal etching surgery.

Luckily the pain got better day by day and finally subsided 4 days after the surgery. His recovery was also accelerated by receiving a daily lymphatic drainage massage that removes excess fluid that has built up in the body after liposuction.

He returned to New York a week after the procedure and attended an online follow-up visit.

The surgery cost $14,000, plus another $4,000 for hotels and lymphatic massage. On average, abdominal etching surgeries cost him $6,000 to $8,000 for him, but Tang said he knew he was paying a premium to go to a specialist plastic surgeon.

Years later, Tang is still happy with his results.

After returning to New York, Tan said he was recovering well. He resumed his workouts after his three weeks of treatment.

Healthline says it takes months for the swelling from the surgery to subside, so Tang didn’t see results until about three months later.

Tang is happy with his new abs. He said that when you gain a few pounds, it doesn’t go to your stomach or abdomen, but to other parts of your body.

Tang said his family thought he was “crazy” to have the surgery when he was already in good health, but for him, it was his more chiseled physique. was worth the costly surgery – pain and all.

“Do your research, make sure you go to a really good doctor,” Tang said.

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