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NBA trade rumors: Warriors and Kings interested in Matisse Thybulle; Knicks a suitor for Pistons forward

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The 2023 NBA trade deadline is just over a week away on Thursday, Feb. 9, and rumors are heating up. So far, there hasn’t been much news about a potential blockbuster, but there are plenty of role players to help candidates bolster their squads for a stretch run.

Here’s what’s new across the league:

Matisse Cybull’s defensive abilities have never been called into question. The 76ers winger will be named All-Defensive in 2021 and he will be second in his team in 2022, and last season he finished fourth in the league with 1.7 steals per game. But whether he can stay on the court and do enough offensively to make defense worthwhile is always a matter of debate.

The Sixers have tried to make it work in the past, but have been less interested this season.Thybulle is down to just 12.1 minutes per game, making only spot starts here and there. With uncertain, restricted free agency looming this summer, the team could move him on time.

If so, he would have suitors including the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings. by Philadelphia InquirerThe Warriors have been short on defensively-minded wings since losing Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr. in the summer, but the Kings can really use their defensive stoppers when making a playoff push. I made it.

Knicks look at the bay

The New York Knicks’ roller coaster season is heading downhill again, losing six of their last eight games and slipping 27-25 to seventh in the Eastern Conference. They are still two games behind. miami heat However, for the top 6 spots, they will be considered one of the most active teams at the deadline. After missing out last season, it’s no secret they want to get back into the playoffs.

At that point, they are interested in detroit pistons Wing Sadik Bay, per SNYThe Pistons had a dismal season and are currently bottom of the Eastern Conference with a record of 13-39. Everyone assumed they would be sellers by the deadline, and the team has been calling for a number of players – especially Bojan Bogdanovic.

It remains to be seen if Bay will make the move, but he will probably need a deal as he only has one year left on his contract after this season. It looks like it has to be something of value. Bay may not have improved as much as the team hoped for since his rookie season, but he’s a big physical winger with a 37% catch-and-shoot 3 this season, and the rebuilding team isn’t keen on it. No. Let’s leave such a player alone.

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