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Sleepyheads need these 3 habits to get rid of grogginess: study

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Do you wake up all the time? There is a solution for that.

Scientists believe they’ve discovered a foolproof 3-step formula that turns sluggishness into a refreshing morning mood.

It’s only three factors, but given the exercise and avoiding sugar, some may find it a little difficult.

Researchers at the University of California believe that the key to feeling refreshed in the morning is a combination of vigorous exercise, seven to nine hours of sleep, and a high-carb, low-sugar breakfast.

Author Professor Matthew Walker says, “We know that some people always seem to have bright eyes and busy tails when they first wake up.” And I tend to think, ‘Maybe it’s my genetic destiny that I wake up late.’ There’s really nothing I can do about it.

“However, our findings provide another, more optimistic message,” he continued.

Formulas published in magazines Nature Communications It was put together after analyzing hundreds of people.

Woman lifting weights with dumbbells in the gym
The study showed that strenuous exercise made you drowsy, but scientists couldn’t pinpoint why.
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The study showed that strenuous exercise helped induce sleepiness, but scientists couldn’t pinpoint why.

“In general, it is well known that physical activity improves alertness and mood levels,” said study co-author and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Rafael Valat.

Researchers found a high correlation between mood and alertness levels, with people who were happier on average also more alert.

“The improved sleep from exercise may be part of the reason for exercising the night before. Helping you sleep that night leads to better alertness throughout the next day,” said Vallat. increase.

Seven to nine hours of sleep is ideal, but a little more works. Lying in bed after waking up can also help fight that foggy feeling, says Walker.

Recommended sleep duration, especially good quality sleep, can rid the body of “sleep inertia,” a decline in cognitive and sensorimotor performance after waking. Adequate sleep also helps rid the body of a chemical called adenosine.

Rolled oats in a wooden bowl on an old wooden table. rustic style.
A high-carbohydrate, low-sugar breakfast has been found to be the best meal to wake you up.
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Sleeping later can also help increase alertness.

“Given that a large portion of society does not get enough sleep during the week, sleeping longer on certain days can help eliminate some of the adenosine sleepiness debt they carry. increase.

Participants were also given a variety of foods for breakfast, kept a two-week food diary, and wore a watch to record physical activity, sleep quantity, quality, timing, and regularity. From the moment I started, I self-recorded my alertness level throughout the day.

All of the pre-prepared breakfasts were packed with different nutrients around muffins. Some were just muffins, while others were paired with items like chocolate milk, protein shakes and fiber bars. Some were also given glucose.

Participants were asked to fast for 8 hours before eating breakfast and 3–4 hours after eating.

Researchers wanted to test the dietary breakdown of breakfasts high in sugar, protein, and carbohydrates.

Participants felt the worst because a breakfast high in sugar can spike blood sugar levels and adversely affect the brain’s ability to wake up.

“A carbohydrate-rich breakfast can boost alertness, as long as your body is healthy and can process the glucose from that meal efficiently, otherwise it will slow down your brain’s alertness of blood sugar levels.” It prevents sustained spikes,” said Dr. Vallat.

While most people think of morning sleepiness as just a nuisance part of our lives, Walker actually believes that “losses in productivity, increased healthcare utilization, and absenteeism lead to more It costs billions of dollars,” he said.

He also said that morning sluggishness can be deadly and lead to car accidents and work-related accidents.

“As scientists, we must understand how to help society wake up better and reduce the deadly costs to society’s current struggle to wake up effectively every day. It won’t work.

“You can control how you wake up each day based on how you structure your life and sleep.”

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