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Video breaks down why early humans had naturally straight teeth and we don’t

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Crooked teeth are a very common occurrence in the modern world. nine out of ten There is at least some misalignment in the mouth.that’s all 4 million people wear braces in the US only. I don’t know about you, but I can still feel the full sticker shock from my own orthodontic journey. and feels less catastrophic.)

Still, this is not what our ancestors dealt with. like…JeezHow is it that in an age when technological progress was exponentially slow, no one experienced this usual modern-day conundrum?

After all, technology could be the culprit. Video by Ted Ed I will explain it all.

A prevailing theory in the scientific community is that millions of years ago, when humans lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, their teeth were very sensitive to the need to grind and digest seeds, fruit, meat, etc. I had to work hard.

When humans began to take in tools, food was decomposed before entering the mouth. The introduction of agriculture and the subsequent innovations of the Industrial Revolution made it more sophisticated and easier to chew.

In a relatively short period of time (12,000 years), teeth were essentially freed from most of their ‘grinding role’. And while teeth were initially able to adapt to the gradual evolution of culinary changes, things changed too quickly to keep up. Decreases in size much faster than teeth, leading to overcrowding and some…Individual dental arrangements.

This also helps explain why wisdom teeth hurt so much. This is why many people need to have it surgically removed to prevent infection.

This theory has been tested in animals such as spider monkeys and lynx fed naturally hard foods and artificially softened foods. more curved.

Conclusion: This problem has more to do with lifestyle than genetics. This is why different people in different parts of the world don’t deal with crowded teeth at all and even have room for wisdom teeth. It may not be.

You can watch a full video based on a dental anthropologist’s lesson G. Richard Scott under:


Our ancestors weren’t crooked, so why do we have crooked teeth? – G. Richard Scott

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