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What behaviors lead to second dates? New study provides insights

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New research published in sexuality and culture It suggests that there are certain behaviors that increase the likelihood of securing a second date for both men and women. Men who demonstrate better etiquette, such as being kind and showing good manners, are more likely to have a successful second date. On the other hand, women who demonstrate a more positive attitude through eye contact and laughter may be more likely to secure a second date.

The researchers were motivated to study the topic of behaviors related to securing first dates and second dates. Because a significant portion of the American population is single, many go on first dates in hopes of building a long-term romantic relationship. However, it’s unclear what actions would most certainly lead to her second date.

“I became interested in the topic after observing some terrible dates at bars when I was out with friends,” he explained. Jimmy MoranA behavioral scientist at Johnson & Johnson, he conducted research during his master’s degree at Bucknell University and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Florida.

“The man I was dating was acting so strange and aggressive towards the woman that she got up and walked away and the man was startled. I was a master’s student at the time. I was studying relationship science and was curious if anyone had investigated behaviors that were more successful on first dates.”

Moran and his colleagues conducted a series of three studies to better understand the behavior of successful first dates.

In Study 1, researchers aimed to collect and categorize a list of behaviors that men and women believed were effective in securing a second date. They recruited 100 participants, mostly from private Northeastern University and Facebook, provided demographic information, and asked if someone of the same sex could perform on a first date to increase her chances of a second date. I listed five actions of. The responses were analyzed and collated into unique candidate acts, providing researchers with a range of tactics associated with successful first dates.

The top four tactics cited by men were having deep conversations, paying for dates, using humor, and maintaining eye contact. The top four tactics cited by women were telling jokes and funny things, asking questions, being polite and respectful, and wearing decent clothes and makeup.

“We were surprised by the similarity of the nominated behavioral overlaps,” Moran told Cypost. “For example, both men and women cited ‘paying the date’ and ‘holding at the door’ for a successful first date.”

In Study 2, the researchers aimed to assess the effectiveness of these recommended actions and explore gender differences. They recruited his 131 participants primarily from private Northeastern Universities and Reddit. Participants rated the actions recommended in Study 1 in terms of their effectiveness on a 7-point scale. The results revealed that men and women had different perceptions of what actions were most effective for a successful first date.

Acts were grouped into three broad categories: etiquette, engagement, and behavior. Men believed that women who exhibited behaviors categorized as “engagement” (such as making eye contact, appropriate body language, smiling, and asking appropriate questions) were more likely to win second dates. . On the other hand, women perceived that men who exhibited “etiquette” behaviors (such as kindness, consideration, and listening) were more likely to secure a second date. Basically, men appreciate women who show interest and act physical and flirtatious, while women show kindness and appreciate men who exhibit appropriate social behavior.

“Ordinary people need to understand that there are similar overlaps in the behaviors men and women perform on first dates, but men and women perceive behaviors differently,” Moran said. explained. “Men prefer women to be more assertive on dates, whereas women prefer men who are more polite on first dates. It seems there is.”

In Study 3, researchers used 12 episodes of the Netflix show Dating Around to determine whether second daters actually engaged in behaviors identified as effective in previous studies. I evaluated how The show follows individuals on a series of blind dates with various potential partners. Each episode focuses on one person on her five separate dates, and at the end he chooses one person he wants to go on her second date.

“I was also surprised to find out that Netflix has a TV show focused on first dates that allows you to code interaction behaviors during dates,” Moran said.

Research assistants coded the episodes to track specific behaviors such as being polite, telling jokes, asking questions, and kissing. A logistic regression analysis was conducted to determine the impact of these behaviors on her second date commitment. However, the results showed that the nominated act had no significant effect on second date success for both male and female participants.

In other words, the results of Study 3 showed that the behaviors identified in Studies 1 and 2 had no significant effect on reaching a second date. but why? The researchers said this could be because reality shows like “Date Around” are often heavily edited to create interesting content. Therefore, the show may not accurately reflect the actual dating experience. The lack of significant results in Study 3 could also indicate a disconnect between how people behave. believe What are effective first date behaviors? actual Work to secure a second date.

“The biggest caveat of this study is that it’s all hypothetical. Future research would like to bring nominations and behaviors into the real world and see if they hold up to real first dates.” We are,” Moran said. “I would also like to know whether individual differences such as socio-sexual orientation and extroversion might predict more or less these dating behaviors.”

“Another noteworthy point is that this study tracked the dating behavior of heterosexual men and women. Future research should focus on other sexual and gender identities.”

the study, “Dating: Using Netflix Self-Reports and Content Analysis to Investigate Gender Differences in First Date Behaviorby James B. Moran, Courtney L. Crosby, Taylor Hymes, and T. Joel Wade.

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