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Why Explosive Diarrhea Us Going Around (and How to Avoid Catching It)

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Summer is the season for infections for those who suffer from bouts of diarrhea.while Cryptosporidium, A disease that can survive in chlorinated pools, and the recent outbreak of cyclosporiasis At least 20 sick in outbreak linked to contaminated broccolithe opportunities abound.

Crypto is a parasite that can spread in pools

Now, I’m not suggesting we all avoid pools. Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat, have fun and learn to swim.but i morning Do not enter the pool if you have had diarrhea recently.

Chlorine in swimming pools kills most infectious bacteria that enter there.but Cryptosporidium It is a microscopic parasite with a protective outer shell. They can survive long enough to make people sick even in chlorinated pools and are not easily killed by hand sanitizer.The disease it causes is called Cryptosporidiosis.

If the CDC tests positive for cryptocurrencies, stay out of the pool for 2 weeks.Recent swim team case study Researchers found that the parasite spread from one team (where 19 of the 50 members ended up getting sick) to members of two different competing teams. The members were in good enough shape for the match, but they were still contagious.

The CDC also asks We ask that you do not poop in the pool, do not swallow pool water, and check your children’s swim diapers hourly to avoid the spread of diarrheal disease.

Cyclosporiasis can be spread through food and water

Despite similar names, Cyclospora (causing cyclosporia) completely different A type of microscopic diarrhoea-causing parasite that tends to be prevalent in summer. Reported cases tend to peak in June and July, according to the CDC. More than 200 cases have already occurred this year. One of the clusters in Georgia and Alabama Related to raw broccoli; Other causes are unknown.

of Cyclospora The parasite’s life cycle occurs only partially within the human body. After diarrhea resolves the parasite needs to mature before infecting others (“sporulation”). This will take several weeks. Therefore, parasites cannot be passed directly to others, as is the case with cryptocurrencies.

Instead, parasites tend to reach victims through contaminated food and water. Past outbreaks of cyclosporiasis are thought to be associated with raspberries, basil, snow peas, mesclun lettuce, and coriander. Naturally, you should avoid drinking water that may be contaminated with human faeces.of CDC also recommends Wash produce (including using a scrubbing brush for tough produce such as potatoes) and put cut fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator immediately.

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