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Women’s health: A medical mystery and changing guidance

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happy thursday. Today we are talking about women. A medical mystery involving two women that could change the way psychiatrists care for their patients, along with new advice on women’s health. But before that…

  • Do you feel like your aging brain isn’t working as well? New research reveals why movement helps thinking.
  • Caffeine keeps you going until you can’t stop. Here’s why drinking coffee to keep you alert can cheer you up.
  • Ticks can be deadly. Learn more about Powassan virus disease, a potentially fatal tick-borne disease.

A medical mystery that could change psychiatry

You can’t miss this gripping medical mystery involving two women whose tragic mental health problems take surprising turns. One was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been catatonic for about 20 years. Another began hearing voices at the age of nine, and she lost ten years of her childhood to schizoaffective disorder.

Their names are April and Divine.

Doctors discovered that an autoimmune disease was the underlying cause of the woman’s psychosis, and treatment allowed both of them to recover from their psychosis. This is his epic tale of more than 20 years, written by neuroscientist and reporter Richard Sima. It may recall a scene from the famous book and movie “Awakenings” inspired by the awakening of catatonic patients treated by a neurologist and author. Oliver Sacks.

While this research may only help a select subset of patients, the story also tells how new discoveries about inflammation and autoimmune diseases are changing how psychiatry diagnoses and treats mental illness. I am searching. Read the full report here. When listening to the audio version, you will hear Richard’s narration.

Changing Women’s Health Advice

Keeping up with the latest health advice can be difficult. We’ve put together a list of things women need to know to protect themselves.

New mammography screening advice. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about mammography and new recommendations for screening between ages 40 and 74.

Have you had gynecological surgery? In some cases, people who have given birth are advised to have the tube removed if they are to undergo another gynecological surgery anyway.

Heart disease is the number one killer of American women. Symptoms to look out for are:

Being a mother is lonely at times. Mothers take parenting seriously on TikTok.

Another reason to skip packaged foods. Ultra-processed foods may increase the risk of ovarian cancer and other cancers.

What’s going on with my immune system?

In this week’s Ask a Doctor column, we answer readers’ questions about how to improve your immune health.

Have a health question? Send it to Trisha S. Pasricha, Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Lecturer in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Please tell us about our situation.please email to Wellbeing@washpost.com.

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