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10 Things You Can Do This Week Instead of Online Shopping

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A friend recently asked me, “What’s your best advice for avoiding online shopping?”

My answer, perhaps more monotonous than expected, was simply “close the computer and go away.”

And that is true. If you close your computer and leave or put down your phone, you will not be able to use the online shop.

Of course, that step is easier said than done.

This week, and the month ahead, I’m bombarded with countless online messages asking me to buy things I don’t need. They’re all strategically placed, crowd-tested, expertly crafted, and designed to get your money off.

But this year, perhaps more than ever, we need to take steps to resist their appeals.

Online shopping is unique. Also, the temptation to buy is often more tempting than shopping in person at a store.

Consider this: Online stores are everytime Once opened, individual items can be easily found. Transactions are completed in seconds. In many cases, the information is already stored on your computer, so you don’t even need to pull out your payment card.

Worse, we often shop at our weakest moments.For example, when you are tired, stressed, bored, in a hurry, or even intoxicatedAn idea of ​​what you want to own will pop into your head and 30 seconds later you can buy it and have it shipped to you.

76% of us shop onlineAnd since temptation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, finding the strength to shut down your computer, put away your phone, and walk away is no small feat.

So it can be helpful to put the phone down with a purpose instead of just putting it down. Choosing another activity other than staring at the retail store through a screen can put space, time, and energy between the temptation to buy and the actual purchase.

If you feel the urge to buy something online this week, shut down your computer and choose one activity from this list instead.

10 things you can do instead of shopping online:

1. Go for a walk. (Except you buffalo.)

2. Read the book chapter.

3. Bake the muffins.

4. Take a shower.

5. Play board games with your child.

6. Clean the kitchen.

7. Remove items from the to-do list.

8. Call family and friends.

9. Sit quietly with your coffee.

10. Go to bed.

Perhaps it will be most helpful to come back to the same exercise multiple times this week and month.

Or perhaps this list will inspire new ideas for your own pursuits and activities this holiday season that are worth spending more time and energy than purchasing physical possessions.

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