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15 Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You

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Have you ever seen adorable videos on social media of dogs wanting to go outside?

Funny, right?

But it’s not funny when your man gives out the same mixed signals.

What do you do when he doesn’t want you but doesn’t want anyone else to have you?

Pulling you in just to push you away can leave you hurt, confused, and insecure.

And like dogs, your man wants to mark you as his territory, even if you’ve made it clear he doesn’t want a relationship.

It’s really messed up, and you don’t have to endorse it.

Why is he sending mixed signals?

Mixed signals can be legitimate or a fabrication in your mind. Sometimes there is a little bit of both.

There are three main reasons for noticing mixed signals.

  • He’s not sure what he wants: You know when you go to a store and ask the salesperson to keep an item because you’re not sure if you still want it? This is similar to how men send different messages. They aren’t sure if you’re right for them, but they don’t want to pass up the chance.
  • he loves to play games: Men are born hunters, dating back to caveman times. They live for the thrill of killing and for the “treasure.” This can start a cycle of pulling away and pursuing, depending on your behavior.
  • you are reading it wrong: Only in a romantic comedy did the dude say he didn’t want to do anything serious, but the two fell blissfully in love. Just because a man isn’t paying as much attention as you would like doesn’t mean he isn’t paying as much attention as he can at the moment.

15 Unsettling Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You But Commits Himself

Your generation has a big impact on the importance of having dating titles and understanding each other’s boundaries.

Gen X daters are more likely to distinguish between dating and exclusivity, while millennials and Gen Z are blurring the line. However, the warning signs are all the same.

1. Conflicting words and actions

Maya Angelou said this best, “Believe them when they show you who they are!” If he tells you that he wants to see your family, but makes excuses to bag out three times in a row, it’s clear that his words and actions don’t match up.

If he tells you he’s never felt this way before, but he’s not going to commit, he’s confusing you and driving you crazy. But only always.

2. He often ghosts you

You had the best date ever and it’s been a week since he contacted you. He agreed it was a great date so what do you get? We may have explored other options. He may have been busy.

When I was ready to delete his number and block his social accounts, he came back with a startling excuse. If this happens to him more than once, he’s cheating on you.

3. He doesn’t answer the question, “Are we dating other people?”

At this point you want to level the playing field right?

Before you delete a dating app remember that this is your decision.

Men checking out other women while giving girlfriend autographs don't want anyone else having you

You should decide whether or not to date other people. don’t ask him In any case, tell him what you chose. If he’s insensitive to this question, you already have an answer, even if you don’t like it.

4. Having many female friends

Looking at his social posts with other women, this is a tricky mixed message, but he claims they are all friends.

Does he let you meet these female friends? Does he leave the room to talk to them on the phone? Is he posting pictures with you on social media, too?

There’s nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex, but you should be confident about where you stand in any dating situation. Especially if he’s going to take a picture with your best friend.

5. He has deadlines to move

This is the masterstroke for committing without committing. He may tell you

That way, you will spend more time together. But there always seems to be a new reason why he can’t “talk,” leaving you up in the air.

All too often women miss that the lack of answers is the answer. You will not be able to pay attention.

6. He doesn’t know what he wants

Unfortunately ladies, this is when we tend to overanalyze his every move. If he’s being honest about what he wants and doesn’t want in that moment, trust him .

It doesn’t matter if you are ready for romance. If it’s not bi-directional, the messages will be mixed and you’ll only see what you want to see.

7. He watches your every move online

Raise your hand if you haven’t heard from him in over a couple of days and he still likes every post and comments on every tweet.

He’s interacting in some way, but not in a way you’d prefer, so keeping you on the bait is a great tactic.

8. He leaves you to “read”

You’ll need a “He left me on read” support group and t-shirt. This guy will receive your text message as soon as you send it, and you can check it with the word “READ” underneath.

Yet he does not respond for hours, if not days. He knows this piques your interest and keeps you guessing. please give me.

9. Free Milk

Your mother and grandmother were right to some extent. If a man gets all the benefits of a committed relationship without committing, he’s in no hurry to move things forward.

You shouldn’t act like a committed partner until you’re in a committed relationship. If you pull back, he will have to make a decision.

Just because you were intimate with someone before doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it. There is no “no return point”.

You can always turn back, but please don’t send your own mixed messages. Be honest about why.

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10. He Tells You

Women are very sensitive to vibes and side comments, but you can easily ignore them if you don’t like them.

If your man repeatedly denies marriage, talks about failed relationships, or how it “won’t make him”, he dares you to be a better partner. It does not mean.

A man watches over a couple while hiding signs that he doesn't want anyone else having you

He’s sending the message that he doesn’t want a committed relationship. Will it change? of course. Should you bet on it? No.

11. He chases you

If you repeat any of the actions in the mixed message he gives you, he will suddenly become very interested again.

He wants to corner you and win again. A man who doesn’t send complicated messages may realize that you’re about to lose something good and chase you down. A man carrying different messages lives for that drama cycle.

12. He didn’t delay the end of the deal

You may have agreed to date someone else, but he’ll be mad if you actually dare to date someone else.

He may guilt you with phrases like: did you sleep with him? Are you going out again? ”

When it comes to interrogation, you are trapped in a world of double standards.

13. He’s great in bed and he knows it

A man who knows how to send a mixed message likely knows how to press a button in the bedroom.

When a man realizes that a night of passion can win you back or calm doubts, you may become more focused on your needs.

If a man only makes attempts at an Olympic-level organism when your relationship is at its breaking point, he’s using sex to seduce you.

14. He doesn’t share information

When we’re dating someone with long-term potential, we become vulnerable and share secrets.

While the relationship is blossoming, we confide in the other person the rate of progress.

If you’ve been dating someone for over three months and don’t know more than you can find on his LinkedIn page, then you’re probably someone pushing you away.

15. He Loves Bombs and Waste

This sequence is characteristic of narcissists. Your attention fuels his ego. When you start pulling away because of his complicated messages, he will “lovebomb” you and become the man you fell in love with.

Woman is sad and her boyfriend doesn't care signs he doesn't want anyone else to have you

As soon as you try to establish boundaries, he will “ditch” you and look for another source of ego-boosting fun, yet he will still make it clear that you don’t want to date.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn a narcissist into a long-term relationship without sacrificing all boundaries.

What to do if he doesn’t want you but shows signs that he doesn’t want someone else to have you

First, we need to make sure that this is not the beginning of stalking or mental instability. Fans of the show “You” got a reality check on how the perfect looking guy can be a villain.

Then you have to decide whether to play this game or not.

  • Talk to your therapist: Your best friend will give you emotional advice that can help your therapist sort through your lover’s push-pull tendencies.
  • Honestly: discussion concerns with your suitor. Then leave emotions. He may be able to shed some light on his bad habits. It also shows how much he cares about your feelings and perceptions.
  • Walk away: We tend to fight for our relationships if we invest a lot of time in them. Do not give an ultimatum. Explain that this situation is no longer working for you and walk away. If he chases you, the ball is in your court if you want to go back on the merry-go-round.

Another perspective on this is the one thing that mixed messages lack: communication. When we are forced to interpret actions or are made spiteful by his greyish-blue eyes and 6’3 stature, we forget to stand our ground and communicate our concerns. .

final thoughts

Boundaries and communication are important when dating someone, so you can avoid mixing messages.

If you see him living for the thrill of the hunt and not the monotony of lazy weekends watching TV and getting to know each other, then it wouldn’t be worth your time.

Remember the old but true line, “He’s not into you.” You deserve someone who is totally into you.

What are the signs that he doesn't want anyone else to have you? Find your answers in this post and learn more about this type of man.

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