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fire island

This Saturday we visited our friends on Fire Island…

fire island

Is their garden very beautiful?

fire island

Nice guest bedroom.

who wants to jump in?

fire island

The boys showed no interest in the setting sun and were throwing tennis balls.

I can’t stop watching Dirty Dancing at this point (laughs).

When I got home on Sunday, I asked the boys to write a letter thanking their friends for their hospitality. It used to take a lot of pushing and pulling to write notes, but now that the boys are in the habit, it’s a little less pushing and pulling.

The formula we developed is: dear [friends’ names],I’m really thankful to you [gift, trip, or kindness].i loved [fun thing about the gift, trip or kindness]. Love, [your name]

I keep a lot of cards in my desk drawer, but of course old paper is fine too. Some of the most cherished thank you letters I have ever received have been drawings from children. I remember my sister also loved the sympathy cards with the children’s drawings on them.

Here are some great cards if you’re looking for them:

what about you? Do you have a favorite stationery? This painted card Very very clean and each one is different.

PS 20 amazing parenting tips and hilarious passive-aggressive notes for my kids.

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