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$914 Direct Payments from Social Security on August 1: who will receive it?

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monthly, of Social Security Administration (SSA) issues millions of payments to program beneficiaries. most people retired worker. However, there are some. people with disabilities Who may be eligible Supplemental Security Income Payment (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

whatever your case If you are a social security beneficiary, the administration will automatically make payments each month according to regulations. Check delivery schedule. I will explain below Anyone getting paid up to $914 on August 1st.

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$914 direct payment from Social Security on Aug. 1: Who will receive it?

The exact amount you receive each month Depending on each person’s situation, However, SSA points out: The average monthly payment for a retired US worker in 2023 is $1,827. in the meantime SSI beneficiaries are eligible to receive an average monthly payment of $550 and may receive a maximum benefit of $914 for individuals and $1,371 for couples. In this case, both spouses are eligible to participate in the program.

Payment date for retirees linked to their date of birth; in the meantime SSI recipient Receive a check on the first day of each month When that day does not fall on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday. In such cases, the payment date will be brought forward to the previous business day. The same is true for July, when the payment was made on June 30th.

Having said that, Those who receive checks of up to $914 on August 1st are Supplemental Security Income or SSI recipients.

August social security payment schedule

For retirees, as mentioned above, The date depends on your birthday. those who were born Receive money on the 2nd Wednesday of each month between the 1st and 10ththe person whose birthday corresponds to The third Wednesday from the 11th to the 20th, and the last day from the 21st to the 31st. For beneficiaries who started payments before May 1997 Checks are credited on the first Wednesday of each month.

Considering how the schedule works, it looks like this: Share the payment schedule for the following month, August.

  • August 1st: SSI recipient
  • August 3: Payees who began receiving payments before May 1997
  • August 9: Those born on the 1st to the 10th
  • August 16th: Those born between August 11th and 20th
  • August 23rd: Those born between August 21st and 31st

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