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A More Colorful Approach to Meditation—Creating Your Way to Peace

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Have you ever been so absorbed in the moment that you forgot all your worries?

For me, it’s often something creative that brings me into a state of peaceful flow, whether it’s writing, painting, or scrapbooking.

Creativity is often the gateway to inner peace, assuming you can focus on the process instead of evaluating your work for perfection. Combining creativity with mindfulness and meditation allows you to bypass your inner critic and tap into the magic of pure existence.

that’s the idea behind masterpiece box: A monthly art subscription box combined with a meditation-infused virtual workshop. A great way to soothe your mind through a guided, calming and creative experience.

The beauty of combining meditation and art is that it can help reduce stress and anxiety and connect with your true self.

That way, you can express yourself without the usual blocks that can hinder your creative potential. Incredibly cathartic.

Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, you can experience all these benefits. You have to try it anyway.

Masterpiece can help.they Provide full supply kitor the option to follow at home own supplies.

Member benefits include:

  • New art class every month
  • guided meditation
  • We will send all necessary equipment to your home (or a recommended equipment list if you choose a virtual class access membership)
  • money back guarantee
  • Ability to pause, cancel or skip at any time

As a special offer for Tiny Buddha readers only, the first 100 who sign up will get 50% off in the first month using discount code TINY..

To sign up and claim 50% off, click here.

For more information on the Masterpiece Box, please visit head here.

This month, Master Piece is teaming up with Solstice Handmade for a lovely rustic watercolor class. Members receive a luxury supply box, a comprehensive class to lead. Solstice Handmade, and a special Masterpiece Meditation to round out the experience. It’s a chance to eradicate, learn new skills and currents, and liberate.


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