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Adam Sandler Let His Daughters Write His Wild Gotham Awards Speech – Rolling Stone

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Adam Sandler let me His two daughters are writing his hilarious, self-deprecating speech as he accepts the Career Tribute Award at the 2022 Gotham Awards on Monday, Nov. 28.

Sandler began his speech by joking that his two children pointed out that they didn’t have the energy to write their own speeches before giving them for him. Sandler agreed, pointing out that his children have one more condition. all your stupid speech of? ” Of course he obliged.

The speech got off to a great start, with Sandler reading: Lifetime, Lifetime, Primetime, Tribute Awards to GOAT achievements…most awards on his trophy shelf like a bucket of popcorn, an airship, or a fake mini-His Oscar that says “Father of the Year” Given the shape, it means a lot to him. While wandering the Times Square head shop in a fog of self-pity, he sadly made the purchase himself.

Sandler’s speeches were peppered with self-deprecating jokes about his career. We need content to show.”of big daddyas the movie that launched Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s careers, or the movie that paid for their home, their grandmother’s house, Rob Schneider’s house, their braces, Rob Schneider’s braces Cracked that I can remember a smash comedy.

When discussing some of his “more serious” undertakings, punch drunk love When uncut gemstoneSandler said that these films “staffed audiences as they pondered the mysteries.” of poseidon adventure When mamma mia Combined? ”

Sandler and his daughters left the all-important “thank you” last, with the comedian saying, “Thank you.” This is truly a feat worthy of a Lifetime Achievement Award. “

Sandler then lowered his voice and added: I’ve had a great career and had a great time making all these movies. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard. ”


Sandler got a warm introduction from Josh and Benny Safdie, the brothers who directed him in the 2019s. uncut gemstone (and who is reportedly working with Sandler on a new project). saturday night live While listening to the 1993 comedy album They’re All Gonna Laugh at You! Turn the volume down so my dad can’t hear me.

Benny Safdie describes Sandler’s amazing series of films as Billy Madison To punch drunk love and called Sandler “the industrial revolution of the actor.”This prompted Benny to repeat the classic word for word “Everyone in this room has become an idiot” Speech from the big academic decathlon scene in Billy Madison.

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