Apple has prototyped at least one color version of its MagSafe charger for iPhones, suggesting the company may one day release a new version of the device with additional color options beyond the standard silver model. .

That’s what the Twitter account claims @kostami. According to a collector of rare Apple products, the prototype information they’ve obtained marks his current MagSafe charger as a “color version,” similar to the MagSafe Charging 3 charging cable Apple makes for his MacBook Air. ” indicates that it is intended to be released on

Apple includes a color-matched MagSafe 3 charging cable in the MacBook Air box, but you can also purchase it separately for each of the four MacBook Air colors (Space Grey, Silver, Midnight, and Starlight).

According to @KostamiSan, Apple’s prototype color MagSafe charger for the iPhone has more saturated colors than the MagSafe power cable. The collector shared the above photo of a Starlight-colored MagSafe pack as an example, while also claiming that Apple has prototyped a similar colored version for an unreleased horizontal stand-based model called the “Magic Charger.” .

It’s unclear if the prototype color charger was designed to match the color of the unreleased iPhone, but it was never mass-produced. It’s similarly unclear if Apple intends to launch a color version in the future, but the prototyping tidbit is nonetheless an interesting one, and one that Apple hopes to see more to compete with rivals in the upcoming new Qi2 market. may release a MagSafe charger of the type. They will merge later this year.

Magic Culture Jar Prototype Costamisum

Apple has contributed a new version of the Qi open standard that works much like MagSafe. As a result, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 models are expected to support 15W wireless fast charging even when using third-party chargers that aren’t Apple-certified, and third-party wireless chargers are expected to support the company’s. It removes a significant hurdle to competing with MagSafe accessories.

The article has been updated with more details on the Magic Charger.

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