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Diablo 4 Devs Front Irate Fanbase in Frank Campfire Chat, ‘We Know It’s Bad, We Know It’s Not Fun’

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Diablo 4’s previous recoilmalignant season This patch (which many saw as a general nerf) has forever been addressed by Blizzard in the traditional way of distressed developers. Key members of the studio are: Fronted an enraged audience in a campfire chat-style livestreama format intended to put viewers at ease in a relaxed and informal style.

Instead, Associate Director of Community Management Adam Fletcher, Game Director Joe Shelley, and Associate Game Director Joe Piepola promised change in an uncomfortable time with guilty energy and body language coming to court.

Fletcher set a tense deadly sin precedent with admirable candor. “Kicking off here, we definitely want to acknowledge everyone’s feedback regarding player power reductions. We know it’s bad, we know it’s not fun, and we know it’s not the best experience for players.”

A hotfix was rolled out over the weekend to increase enemy density in Endgame’s Nightmare dungeon. In addition to a separate stash tab for loot, Sorcerers and Barbarians will also receive additional buffs, but it may still be a few weeks until patch 1.1.1.

As you can imagine, unfortunate gamers have done what unfortunate gamers tend to do in their own time-honored traditions. Diablo 4 for PS5 has an excellent critical rating of 88 on review aggregator Metacritic. 1.9 User Scoreapparently fell off a cliff after a joint review bombing campaign.

Where the game lands remains to be seen, only time will tell eventually. Diablo 4 is still a sales giant, with a huge player base, most of whom (at least last month) Didn’t even win the game’s campaign So it’s possible that we don’t care too much about endgame balance at this point. What do you think about this? Let us know in our tolerant community in the comments section below.

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