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ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo & Sanha leave letters for Moonbin at his memorial space

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after a visit by billyof SuaASTRO member jinjin, MJMore, Seventeenof Seungkwanand many of Moonbin’s closest acquaintances visited the idol memorial space set up outside. fantasy Build on April 25th (KST) and leave your personal thoughts and messages to your dear friends.

ASTRO member Sangha who was also active in the unit moonbin and sanaI have written,

“Hyung, how are you? , I promise to be happy. I will certainly keep that promise. Please know that I love you very much.

Yet another ASTRO member, Cha Eun Woo, wrote in a very personal letter:

“Binah. I really miss you tonight. Bad friend. I couldn’t sleep, so Sana and I came for a short walk. Are you sleeping well? All the things I used to do with you, trivial things. I miss you so much, I regret it In your lunar world, I can be a hundred times happier Carry everything you left behind with me It’s your replacement, so don’t worry too much You worked hard I love you and I’m sorry, my friend.

Another close friend of Moonbin’s, Mingyu from Seventeen came and left a message.

“Hello Bina. Thanks to you, I was able to come to your company building. My greatest memory is that day when we talked until morning. Do you remember! I was worried about you, but… I wonder if there are other idols who can do anything like this… I’ll do my best too.I’m sorry for laughing from now on.Good job my friend. My favorite song is “Waterfall” Let’s be happy, my friend. ”

A memorial space set up outside the Fantagio building will be open to the public until April 30. Afterwards, all artifacts left in Moon Bin’s honor will be collected for safekeeping by his affiliated office.

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