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Brad Pitt Margot Robbie Movie Won’t Breakeven – Deadline

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Damien Chazelleof An $80 million 1920s Hollywood epic Babylon blew up at the domestic box office last weekend and performed horribly. $5.3 million Four days start.

Babylon, Brad Pitt, 2022. © Paramount Photo/Courtesy Everett Collection

Whatever you say about the harsh winter conditions affecting movie viewing across the country, but the film was greenlit by the previous Paramount administration and heavily supported by the new Brian Robbins administration, the ironic news outlet It defied the odds as soon as it previewed on , with a poor 56% Rotten Tomatoes rating at the Academy Theater over a month ago. Further filling the picture’s fortunes was the audience exit, which included abysmal C+ CinemaScore and PostTrak with clear recommendations of 74% and 47%, not to mention a running time of 3 hours and 8 minutes. Babylon Star Margot Robbie’s lowest domestic wide release opening was $3.6 million, Amsterdam$6.4 million, and Brad Pitt’s lead actor is lower than 1993’s $4 million start. true love.

Babylon, left to right: Kaia Gerber, Lee Jun Lee, 2022. ph: Scott Garfield / Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

With results like this, despite the lack of adult competition, no one is making Babylon an option to watch on vacation. It’s too early to tell how much bleeding will happen here, as it doesn’t start the $250 million WWParamount, like other studios, plans to cut marketing costs for the film. The picture has already scored him five nominations, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Picture Musical or Comedy.

It’s important to note that in the new era of Covid, whatever the film’s box office returns have not shown to hurt its Oscar chances. is Searchlight’s Best Picture of 2021 winner, Nomadland, with single-digit gross revenue and Disney’s arthouse label has never reported official ticket sales for the picture.

Domestic Babylon We are lucky to have reached $20 million and this puts a huge amount of pressure on us to deliver overseas.That said, Paramount believes the film’s running time and British and French reviews will give it a more appetizing run for overseas audiences. Babylon Some kind of heartbeat abroad. “They like these types of movies,” says one insider.Chazelle’s first man 57% of the $105 million WW gross was earned abroad.Japan, South Korea, the UK, and France were key regions not just for this film, but for Chazelle’s multiple Oscar winner. La La Land. Guillermo del Toro’s $60 million period drama last year nightmare alley It earned $11.3 million domestically and $39.6 million in WW.

Before Someone Writes an Original Movie Obituary at the Box Office BabylonAs a result, it is important to distinguish all other movies. A picture with a Hollywood-era story was already a gamble, not to mention a hard “R” story with an elephant pooping on a human half an hour before the first title credits and a fattier buckle-type pooping whore. Characters like Robbie’s Clara Bow vomit in a stifling Hollywood soiree long after the film. Movies have historically always been underperforming at the box office.Needless to say, the price of a piece from this era is the same as a WW1 era set Amsterdam, made the project an impossible task to achieve profitability for rival studios. So they passed.

CHAPLIN, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., 1992, (c) TriStar/Courtesy Everett Collection

Examples of Hollywood Insider Films That Didn’t Get Massive Appreciation: Films That Got 3 Oscar Nominations Chaplin The 1992 starring Robert Downey Jr. made only $9.5 million stateside (although Hollywood SNL alum seriously as an actor) and two Cannes winning titles player That year, too, it only made $21.7 million in revenue.

Paramount thought they had wolves of wall street When once upon a time in hollywood of BabylonThey didn’t: Both of these films starred Leonardo DiCaprio. wolves of wall street We tackled thrilling material appeal to upper-class audiences about the rise and fall of stockbroker Jordan Belfort ($406.8M WW). once upon a time in hollywood ($377.6M WW) had inspiring storytelling like Quentin Tarantino. babyRon, Following the mayhem that raged in Hollywood during the transition from silent to talkies, the film was, in Chazelle’s eyes, an allegory for what the industry is going through today in the clash between the big screen and streaming. If the filmmakers had to Babylon Once again – he will be in the movie. The question is whether he can pull it off at a lower price point, which is likely the fate of these adult-oriented original movies.

Chazelle and photo producers Olivia Hamilton and Matthew Plouffe Babylon It moved to Paramount, where Wyck Godfrey was then president of the Motion Picture Group.Godfrey was Chazelle’s producer First man. Godfrey’s job at the time was to find and make award-season films like Babylon For Melrose lot, No transformers movie. Chazelle has been developing the project for some time. Plouffe first found out about it about 13 years ago when he was a former executive at Focus Features when the two met at Sundance.

“He responded by becoming a champion.” Chazelle told us about supporting Godfrey. Babylon About Deadline Crew Calls“He fought hard to get the film into the studio. Without him, I don’t have the confidence that it would be a Paramount film.”

Former Paramount production boss Emma Watts took over directing after Godfrey left Babylon I aimed to get it in shape before I retire in September 2021.

Courtesy, United Artists

Babylon Originally, production was scheduled to begin in March 2020, but the pandemic hit and filming did not begin until July 2021 in Santa Clarita. Taken back to the quieter days when present day The home of the late Western star William S. Hart, located in the Highlands region 25 miles north of LA, served as the residence of Pitt’s movie star character, Jack Conrad, in the film.

Plouffe said on Crew Call:

Despite California tax credits and local shooting, lensing production in California is costly given its high union labor rate. Not to mention starting and stopping movies during Covid. Worst of all, it also affected production costs Amsterdam. Emma Stone originally had a female lead before it ended due to scheduling conflicts in December 2020. Robbie’s attachment was announced at that time. As Deadline first reported.

Bryan Robbins, President and CEO, Paramount Pictures, Dahlia Surcek, Co-President, Paramount Motion Picture Group, Michael Ireland, Co-President, Paramount Motion Picture Group, Olivia Wilde, Karolina Simzak , Damien Chazelle, Eric Roberts, Olivia Hamilton, PJ Byrne, Margot Robbie, Flea, Tobey Maguire, Lee Jun Lee, Rory Scovel, Brad Pitt, Jovan Adepo, Max Minghella, Lucas Haas, Diego Calva, Jean Smart. Attend the global premiere screening of Paramount Pictures’ Babylon at the Academy Museum. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images) at the movie in Los Angeles, California on December 15, 2022.

Usually movies from previous studio regimes get orphaned when a new master emerges, but that didn’t happen Babylon. Godfrey departed in June 2020 when Watts arrived. In September 2021, she stepped down shortly after Jim Gianopulos was sacked as chairman and CEO, and Robbins took over.he was just a support Babylon and Chazelle win an Oscar la la land First-time production contract with director for his Wild Chickens label at Paramount.

Babylon Hit Paramount+ in front of that Epix Pay-TV window. Exhibitor sources say it’s on for 45 days. The studio has sacked Toronto-based co-founder C2 Motion Picture Group, led by Jason Cross. $114 million in theater rentals, $10 million in domestic home entertainment and streaming, $28 million in international entertainment, $2 million in domestic free TV, and $40 million in pay TV and international pay. That’s $198 million in income for $188 million in expenses, which includes participation, residual, and interest for $10 million in gains (but that’s unlikely not in). Formal note: neither the producer nor Dwayne Johnson gave us these figures (star and producer do not have access to the studio’s P&L statement. These estimates were obtained from the film’s funding sources. , which is equivalent to all P&L calculations and studies we have done over the years.

One insider involved with the production says it defends Babylon‘s production costs: “We moved very fast to get what we needed. It was Paramount’s incredible belief.”

“This movie has become a spiritual mission. It’s very different from the green screen Marvel movies,” the source adds.

As far as Paramount is concerned, and the outlook for awards season babylon, Not so much that it fades to black.

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