Home Personal Development Brian C. Muraresku with Dr. Mark Plotkin — The Eleusinian Mysteries, Discovering the Divine, The Immortality Key, The Pagan Continuity Hypothesis, Lessons from Scholar Karen Armstrong, and Much More (#646)

Brian C. Muraresku with Dr. Mark Plotkin — The Eleusinian Mysteries, Discovering the Divine, The Immortality Key, The Pagan Continuity Hypothesis, Lessons from Scholar Karen Armstrong, and Much More (#646)

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welcome to The Tim Ferris ShowIt’s usually my job to deconstruct world-class performers to bring out routines, habits, etc. that can be applied to my own life.

This time we have featured a special edition Dr. Mark Plotkin When Brian C. Murarescu.

Mark took over my duties as host and interviewed Brian, plants of the gods podcast.Dear listeners, you are the first to hear the audio, so this The Tim Ferris Show Exclusive. We previously shared some of our favorite episodes from that podcast at tim.blog/plantsofthegods. These episodes cover many fascinating areas.

So who Dr. Mark Plotkin? mark (@DocMarkPlotkin) is an ethnobotanist who serves as chairman. Amazon Conservation Team, partners with about 80 tribes to map and improve the management and protection of nearly 100 million acres of ancestral rainforest.he is best known to the public as the author of the book The story of a shaman apprentice, one of the most popular books ever written about the rainforest.his latest book Amazon: What Everyone Should KnowRead our interview with Mark at tim.blog/markplotkin.

And today’s guest is Brian C. MurarescuWho is Brian? Brian (@Brian Muraresku) graduated from Brown University with a Phi Beta Kappa degree in Latin, Greek and Sanskrit. The Key to Immortality: The Secret History of an Unnamed Religion Brian’s debut work. In 2020, new york times It became a bestseller and was named “Best of 2020” in Audible’s History category.his website is brianmuraresku.comYou can also find him on Instagram @brian_muraresku.

It’s a jam-packed 55-minute interview.mark and brian cover Eleusinian MysteriesThe Pagan Continuity Hypothesis, Early Christianity, Lessons from Renowned Religious Scholar Karen Armstrong, Overlooked Aspects of the Career of Influential Philosopher William James, Ancient Wines and Ancient Beers, Experiencing the God within us,Tikkun Oram” — repairing and improving the world as we go — and a lot more.

Please enjoy!

listen to the episode at Apple podcasts, Spotify, overcast, podcast addict, pocket cast, cast box, google podcasts, Stitcher, amazon music, Or on your favorite podcast platform.

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#646: Dr. Brian C. Murarescu and Mark Plotkin — Eleusinian Mysteries, Discovery of God, Keys to Immortality, Pagan Continuity Hypothesis, Lessons from Scholar Karen Armstrong, and Many More

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What’s your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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Selected links from episodes

  • connect with Brian Muralescu:

website | | twitter | | Instagram

  • connect with Dr. Mark Plotkin:

website | | Plants of the Gods Podcast

Amazon Conservation Team | | twitter | | Facebook

Show memo

Editor’s Note: Timestamps added after vacation!

  • Who is Brian C. Murarescu?
  • Mystery of Eleusis.
  • A mockery of Karl Lack.
  • Why are these ideas accepted only now?
  • How did the Eleusinian mysteries influence Christianity?
  • Heart-changing Eucharist?
  • The role of beer and wine in the foundations of civilization.
  • Patrick McGovern.
  • A stoning monkey or a drunken monkey?
  • What’s Happening at Harvard Theological Seminary Today?
  • Karen Armstrong and the Paradox of God.
  • Ethnobotanists find friends in strange places.
  • Do good in the world based on another world.
  • What is the Amazon Conservation Team?
  • Harvard psychedelics didn’t start with Leary and Alpert.
  • Learn from past mistakes and respect the heritage of the compounds we benefit from.

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