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Bride Considers Dropping Bridesmaid Diagnosed With Cancer

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Whether the cake was an inch too high and the bride had a seizure, or the flowers were too bright, we’ve all heard quite a few “bride” horror stories. But looking at exchanges between brides and bridesmaids shared on Reddit, the cake might come across as the world’s worst bridezilla story.

Text messages sent by the bride to all but one of her bridesmaids, who hosted the wedding party, left most of the internet horrified and outraged.

The bride was worried that one of her bridesmaids would lose her hair due to cancer treatment and ruin the beauty of her wedding photos.

The soon-to-be bride expressed her concern: Group chat posted on Reddit’s r/wedding shaming forum It consisted of all of her bridesmaids, except for her friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She sent a barbaric message asking other party members for their opinion on the matter.

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“So Ms. Mader didn’t have cancer when I asked her to be my bridesmaid, but now I’m having second thoughts about whether or not she’ll be at the wedding,” the bride wrote. “She said the other day that she started losing some of her hair, but she noticed that her hair was thinner than usual.”

A common side effect during chemotherapy for cancer is hair loss. About 65% of patients experience it.

Photo: Reddit

“I can’t imagine having all these beautiful women with me and a hairless maid on top of it,” the bride admitted. “I feel distracted, [my partner] And I felt that it didn’t fit the style I was aiming for. ”

She asks if sick bridesmaids should be asked to “wear wigs” to hide their hair loss, or should they be kicked out of the bridal party altogether.

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The bride’s concerns enraged wedding officials and other Reddit users.

Clearly, one of her bridesmaids was appalled by her dilemma and replied, To the careless bride.

Other Reddit users were also disgusted. One user commented, “It’s hard to imagine anyone being this selfish, but these stories just prove that there are a lot of selfish people out there.”

“What’s really sad is that the bride may have thought today was a good day for someone going through such a difficult time…and if God forbids anything, she’ll I wish my friend was always smiling in the wedding photos,” another woman said. User pointed out. “Isn’t that a better memory than, ‘Her gunhead wasn’t pretty enough for my fancy wedding, so she told the bridesmaid she wore a wig’?”

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The bridesmaid discovered the bride’s concerns and declined the bridal party and the wedding as a guest.

Ultimately, one of the bridesmaids sent a cruel message to Murder, who decided to take the bride personally. She decided not only to drop out of the bridal party, but to participate fully as a guest at her wedding.

“I realized that you were worried about the possibility of losing my hair and how it would affect the ‘beauty’ of your wedding,” the bride said in a text message. addressed to “I will not attend because I do not want my chemotherapy treatment and its side effects to affect you and your wedding.”

Photo: Reddit

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Mader said she was “detailed” about the chemotherapy treatment so that she could fully understand that not only would it cause “nausea, fatigue, neuropathy”, but she would also lose one of her “friends.” Read the letters,” he said. Who will be the “callous, selfish, heartless idiot”?

The bride reached out to Murder and tried to explain herself.

She claims that she didn’t write what she wrote “in a negative way.” “When I asked you to be my bridesmaid, I never expected you to have cancer and lose your hair. ‘ said the bride. “I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a little girl, and I always envisioned what it would be like and the photos that would make it memorable.”

Photo: Reddit

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The bride added that it was “no problem” for Mader to wear a wig and even offered to take her shopping for a wig. She encouraged her ex-friend to continue attending her wedding as a guest in the future, saying that her attendance there “means the world” to her.

Mader’s reaction is laughably cold. “Oh, you are so right! I can’t imagine how unexpected it was for you to find out I had cancer,” she wrote. “How selfish of me and my hair to not consider it.”

Ms. Mader also sarcastically pointed out that she would show up at the wedding wearing a “clown wig” to match the bride’s “delusion”, and instead of spending the day shopping for it, she asked the bride to wear a clown. I suggested having a wig made. “Walking barefoot in the endless Lego sea” day.

She added that she unfortunately had plans for the wedding day anyway, as “a psychic contacted me about using my head as a crystal ball” that same day.

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Photo: Reddit

“I’m going to miss the chance to get chemistry with your bouquet, but here’s my official RSVP. I won’t be attending because you’re a soggy Pop Tart,” Mader concluded the message.

Wedding planning is supposed to be an exciting opportunity to create a closer bond with the bride and groom, but events like this can sadly bring the friendship to an end. Thankfully, in this situation, Mader seems to have gained greater insight into who her “friend” really is, and hopefully can continue her physical and mental recovery.

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