Home Personal Development CEO Coach Matt Mochary — Live Coaching with Tim, Why Fear and Anger Give Bad Advice, How to Perform Personal Energy Audits, The Power of Accountability Partners, Delegation Tips, Strategies for Hiring the Right People, and More (#658)

CEO Coach Matt Mochary — Live Coaching with Tim, Why Fear and Anger Give Bad Advice, How to Perform Personal Energy Audits, The Power of Accountability Partners, Delegation Tips, Strategies for Hiring the Right People, and More (#658)

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“Fear and anger give bad advice.”

— Matt Mochary

Matt Mochary (@Matt Mochary) guides the heads of Silicon Valley’s top technology investment firms and companies on how to be the best leaders and build the best organizations possible. His philosophy and methods are Mochary Coaching Methodology (which is available as free google docs) and in his book great CEO withinAvailable at Amazon and online (again, free google docs).

As a former founder, CEO and investor, Matt knows first-hand the challenges of these roles and solutions to the most commonly encountered problems. His coaching is more than just questions. There is real guidance. Matt specializes in helping CEOs and their companies (or investment firms) transition from freewheeling startups to dominant companies.

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#658: CEO Coach Matt Mochary — Live Coaching with Tim, Why Fear and Anger Gives Bad Advice, How to Perform a Personal Energy Audit, The Power of Accountable Partners, Delegation Tips, How to Hire the Right Talent strategy, etc.

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Want to hear an interview with another world-class coach? Listen to our first conversation with Jerry Colonna. It talks about complicity in creating life situations we don’t really want, nagging self-doubt, finding time for self-discovery, and facing challenges that most of us have. We are discussing No,” admitting compassion, journaling, guilt and remorse, etc. from afar.

#585: Professor Donald Hoffman — A Case for Timeless Reality, Rethinking Death, Panpsychism, QBism, and More

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Show memo

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  • Fear and anger give bad advice.
  • Overcome your dating fears.
  • power of prediction.
  • next action.
  • Turn conversations into action items.
  • Accountability for introverts and extroverts.
  • What is Focus Mate?
  • Separate the decision from the implementation.
  • Fires well.
  • Effective and efficient recruitment.
  • Get candid feedback from past managers.
  • energy audit.
  • Conducting meetings effectively and efficiently.
  • Reduce and remove energy-draining obligations from your calendar.
  • assisted by an assistant.
  • Why did Matt stop making documentaries?
  • Why Matt is launching a startup.
  • Rules, guide rails, and exit protocols.
  • Control your anger and feel the pain.
  • parting thoughts.

More Matt Mochary quotes from the interview

“Fear and anger give bad advice.”
— Matt Mochary

“When I coach someone, I become their manager, period, end of story. If they do, they know the system is working, it’s all written out so they can just copy and paste and use it with team members so they can work with them. can.”
— Matt Mochary

“Every organization has people to prioritize. So if it’s a company, it’s probably the customer. is your own private life, you should be your priority.”
— Matt Mochary

“In general, humans aren’t incompetent… they’re indifferent. But if they can find a place that interests them, they suddenly become very capable.
— Matt Mochary

“I think the most valuable thing about recruiting is learning how to shoot well first. You can take a chance, and those people often turn out to be very good performers.”
— Matt Mochary

“Give yourself permission to feel the pain.”
— Matt Mochary

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