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Clear Your Mind, Own Less, and Live More with Uncluttered

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Tired of being overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Craving clarity and rest in your life but not sure where to start? And I have a solution.

have provided orderly course For over 6 years, we’ve helped over 75,000 people around the world finally break through and get organized in their homes.

I have designed a course specifically for those who want to own less and live more, but need extra help to get there.

The course is held three times a year, and we have started accepting applications for the May issue. If you’re feeling stuck in organization and need guidance and support to move forward, Uncluttered is for you.

I know that cleaning up can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve been procrastinating for a while or are unfamiliar with the process.

But trust me, removing unnecessary belongings from your home can promote calmness, peace, and control in your life. It fosters flexibility, freedom, and financial security. . We are in an era when each is desperately needed. You will love owning less!

That’s why I want to help you clean up.

The Uncluttered Course is a 12-week online program that guides you through the process of owning less, living more, and discovering the life you’ve always wanted.

I will be there every step of the way, offering weekly challenges, live webinars, motivation, inspiration, conversations, a 24/7 loving community, and the opportunity to ask specific questions each week.

This course is based on seven organizational principles that have proven effective.

  1. Identify the purpose of the room and remove anything that does not serve that purpose.
  2. Distinguish between decluttering and tidying up.
  3. Start with easy spaces and work your way up to difficult spaces.
  4. Select one of three options for each object: Delete, Rearrange, or Leave.
  5. Notice the gain, not the minus.
  6. you are not alone.
  7. Count the “clutter costs”.

Through these principles, you can think freely about your possessions, decide what to keep and what to remove, move away from hobby shopping, and develop clutter-free habits for your unique home. It’s helpful.

Learn how to determine what is “good enough” in all areas of your life and live forever free of clutter and burdens.

But more than that, you can be part of a supportive community of like-minded people working towards the same goals. You can share your struggles and successes, ask for advice, and give encouragement to others along the same path. Many lifelong friendships were made during the 12-week course.

Registration for the May issue of Uncluttered is open until Sunday, May 14th.

Lifetime access to the course costs $99 USD. So you can pause, resume or come back whenever you want and take the course at your own pace.

And because life happens, all participants have lifelong access to the course material so they can retake it for free if needed. Above all, I want this trip to be a success.

I would love to help you declutter your home and discover the life you’ve always wanted. So if you are ready to bring new peace and tranquility into your home, Join UnclutteredLet’s clean up the clutter, focus on what’s most important in life, and enjoy a newfound clarity together.

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