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Clever Diablo 4 Player Discovers the Butcher’s ‘Ultimate Weakness’

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one of the most feared bosses in diablo 4, Butcher is outwitted by a clever player who exposes his “ultimate weakness” to the world. Cunning players with a bit of luck and skill can try this trick for themselves if it is hidden. diablo 4 The boss is too strong to beat.

one of the deadliest bosses in diablo 4 The Butcher is a secret in-game boss that appears randomly in any dungeon the player enters. If the player is low level or unprepared for battle, he has almost zero chance of surviving. Some players flee as soon as they encounter a butcher, while others seek out giant demons to pick up the valuable loot they drop. For those looking for a fight, the latest video may be just the advantage you need to defeat the monster.

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diablo 4 Player Atay47 posted a video on Reddit of an encounter with Butcher, in which the demons were rendered powerless against their attacks. In the video, agile Frost with his Sorcerer build dodges all of Butcher’s attacks and quickly climbs a nearby ladder to reach the platform above. From a secure platform, the sorcerer rains ice shards onto a large demon who looks up with a blank expression. A level 82 butcher can only stand while debris rips potions from his body and rapidly depletes his health bar. Seconds later, the Butcher collapses, leaving the sorcerer to retrieve the sacred weapons and equipment.

While this video makes this trick look easy, in reality any player trying to pull off this maneuver needs two essential elements to align. First, when a butcher appears, the player must equip a ranged attack capable of doing significant damage. So, in general, classes like Sorcerer or Rogue are better choices than Barbarian to accomplish this. Next, players need a platform or cliff nearby that they can safely launch from. Butchers spawn randomly in dungeons and there is not always a ladder for the player to climb, so luck plays a role here.

This video isn’t the only time The Butcher has been so easily defeated.another diablo 4 Players hit Butcher with a Necromancer build in a similar fashion, revealing that the big demon isn’t as scary as it looks. Of course, it’s always possible that Blizzard will fix these exploits in a future update, in which case Butcher will once again be the Demon King.

diablo 4 Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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