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Danny Bonaduce to Undergo Brain Surgery for Neurological Disorder – The Hollywood Reporter

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Danny Bonaduce has recently revealed that he will undergo brain surgery after being diagnosed with a neurological condition.

during an interview with TMZposted online on Friday, Partridge family The star said he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (a disease in which fluid accumulates in the deep cavities of the brain) in March after consulting hundreds of doctors about a mysterious illness.

“My life has been talking to doctors,” he recalls. “I met with five doctors one Tuesday and none of them could figure out what it was. increase. that’s not good 』

Last April, Bonaduce announced on social media that he would be taking a break from daytime radio. Danny Bonaduce & The Sarah Morning Show Seattle-based KZOK focuses on the wellness journey.

He didn’t reveal many details at the time, but his battle with the mysterious illness initially began when his wife noticed that the way he spoke was strange and that he was losing his ability to walk and balance. told the same media.

“I don’t know why because I did something so stupid on a reality show,” the radio host said, but said he hoped the surgery scheduled for Monday would ease his symptoms.

“From what I’ve heard, if the diagnosis is correct… you’re 50 percent better.” [away]’ said Bonaduce. “I’d rather be safe than feel sorry. I don’t want to have too many hopes that it will heal… but if this doesn’t work, I’ll be totally depressed. I can’t walk now, I can’t walk.”

He said he doesn’t expect his full athletic ability to return, but he hopes the surgery will make his daily schedule easier to manage.

The actor added: “I’m not going to run track and field. I’ll never box again. But if I could get from here to the kitchen on my own, it would be great.”

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