Home Personal Development Derek Sivers — The Joys of an Un-Optimized Life, Finding Paths Less Traveled, Creating Tech Independence (and Risks of the Cloud), Taking Giant Leaps, and Picking the Right “Game of Life” (#668)

Derek Sivers — The Joys of an Un-Optimized Life, Finding Paths Less Traveled, Creating Tech Independence (and Risks of the Cloud), Taking Giant Leaps, and Picking the Right “Game of Life” (#668)

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“I think the word ‘enough is enough’ is a superpower.”

— Derek Shivers

Derek Shivers (@ Shivers) is an author of philosophy and entrepreneurship, known for his astonishing, quotable insights and his concise, concise writing style. A former musician, programmer, TED speaker, and circus clown, he sold his first company, CDBaby, for his $22 million, giving the entire amount to charity.

Derek’s Book (how to live, yeah or no, your music and people, whatever you want) and the latest projects can be found on his website. sive.rsHis forthcoming book is useless.

Please enjoy!

PS For an exact step-by-step walkthrough of Derek’s “Tech Independence”, visit: sive.rs/ti.

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#668: Derek Sivers — Unoptimized Joy of Life, Finding the Path Less Traveled, Creating Technology Independence (and Cloud Risk), Taking Big Leaps, Choosing the Right Game of Life

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Want to hear about Derek’s first appearance on the show? Listen to our conversations here discussing building confidence, finding happiness, saying “no” to millions, Derek’s favorite books, and more.

#125: Derek Sivers on Building Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying No to Millions

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  • Derek Sivers School of Enough.
  • Scuba diving in Iceland.
  • Categories we apply to ourselves and others.
  • Derek people’s compass.
  • How to ensure technical independence.
  • Life not optimized.
  • Meaning of Derek’s upcoming book, useless.
  • Problems of moral relativism and other isms.
  • Giant leaps.
  • Find a mentor and ask for help.
  • game.
  • Wisdom to quit when you’re ahead.
  • Why did Derek seek fame when he doesn’t need outside verification?
  • What makes Derek so interesting?
  • Was Derek always satisfied?
  • I live in an edge case.
  • The real question behind “What would you tell your younger self?”
  • Guidance in Antarctica.
  • How do I teach an 11 year old to act like a 16 year old?
  • parting thoughts.

Derek Shivers quote from interview

“If you’re wondering why I’m so happy, why I’m thriving, why I seem to be doing so well, much of my happiness comes from this worldview, which is a fundamental doubt. Skepticism, and I’m going to put it in simple terms by calling it “the unhelpful truth.” ”
— Derek Shivers

“If you start a business to serve people you love to be around, even if it’s on a smaller income, you’ll be much happier.”
— Derek Shivers

“I think the word ‘enough is enough’ is a superpower.”
— Derek Shivers

“We spend the first half of our lives obeying authority, thinking that authority rules us. , you are free from it.”
— Derek Shivers

“Isn’t the temptation to keep playing even when you get the reward the definition of addiction?
— Derek Shivers

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