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Dermot Mulroney Walks Off ‘The View’ In Solidarity With Striking Writers – Deadline

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Actor Dermot Mulroney Touts New Disney+ Marvel Series secret invasionwalked off the set of ABC scenery In an episode aired today, he expressed his support for the WGA’s strike writers.

As we walked off the stage before the interview segment ended (as usual with Friday episodes of summer, the show was taped yesterday), Mulroney said amiably and apologetically: I want to do this symbolically. In support and solidarity with the writers, I am leaving your show. Thank you and see you at the picket line. ‘ As he left the stage, he turned around, waved his hand, and said, ‘I love you, thank you.

The co-hosts, including TODAY’s presenter Joy Behar, didn’t seem surprised. Behar stared at the camera and repeated Mulroney’s name and the name of the new Marvel series. After returning from a commercial break, the show moved on to a corner about swimwear. A walk-off was not mentioned again.

Ahead of his predictable departure, Mulroney and co-hosts discussed his past films, including a friendly discussion of M’s merits.best friend wedding versus wedding date, Also the actor’s recent camping trip and reunion with old friends in Virginia.

about it secret invasionAlthough Mulroney plays President Lytson in ”, Mulroney said he didn’t know about other plot aspects of the alien invasion story, other than scenes with Samuel L. Jackson and Don Cheadle.

Disney owns both Marvel and ABC. scenery It aired the entire pre-recorded episode, including Mulroney’s exit.

Unscripted during over 50 days of WGA strike scenery continues to run the show daily without a writer, and while host Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t on set for today’s episode, as is often the case on Fridays, co-hosts are usually co-hosted by writers. I explain to the viewer that I have not read the written introduction and the starring program. in.

Mulroney was also on NBC today for him on wednesday secret invasion promotion.He posted a selfie taken on set on Instagram todaystating that it was “filmed live on @todayshow (news show – no WGA writers).”

In a statement to Deadline’s sister publication, Variety, Mulroney said, “I admire the heartfelt news show The View so much that I am committed to the ongoing fight for fair wages. There was enough reassurance there to draw attention to the WGA strike.” We believe it is very important to continue to support trade unions. “

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