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TOTK’s ending encapsulates one of The Legend of Zelda’s biggest issues

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[Ed. note: Spoilers follow for the ending of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.]

tears of the kingdom It all ends back where it started. Ganondorf is defeated. Zelda returns and reclaims the throne. Link also regains his arm. The miscellaneous helpers he has gathered on his travels gather to pledge allegiance to the crown. Zelda vows to dedicate herself to keeping the peace in Hyrule.

Of course, we know she won’t make it. The inevitability of the new Legend of Zelda game, a new iteration of Ganon threatening the princess and the world, thwarted by Link, is so obvious that it is canonized within the fiction itself. The three are trapped in a cycle of reincarnation, pushed into space by a mysterious divine force, and driven out of space by the series’ continued rise in popularity.

That cycle is the great tragedy underlying the entire Legend of Zelda story. yet, tears of the kingdom’s ending works as if keeping things perfectly the way they were before is a big win. To win is to return to the status quo.

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

but legend of zeldaThe status quo is fading year by year.when tears of the kingdom When it was first announced, when we got a peek at the short-haired Zelda in the trailer, many people wonder What if Nintendo were to use a sequel to introduce a finally playable princess. Instead, her story is the same as ever. The Master Sword is also given more powers. In a scene in her past that appears before her own eyes, Zelda says, “Throughout time, she found me and recovered.” [its] The word “strength” implies a purposeful journey, but she was merely “sent back” by an unknown force.

When she returns, of course she will return to the throne. She was stranded in the early days of Hyrule, and when she met the kingdom’s founder, Raul, she found herself tracing the lineage of the rulers as far back as possible, and even earlier if rumors of the blood of the gods of Zonai were to be believed. The modern sages repeat almost exactly the oath of allegiance offered to Raoul by the sages of the past. This is a game without ads in my country, perhaps Because of the Queen’s death.Anti-monarchy demonstrators at coronation of successor was the target up to arrest.

Except for Ganon, no one in The Legend of Zelda questions her absolute right to rule. Zelda is portrayed as a perfectly benevolent dictator.she wants peace but she doesn’t know it’s real complicated words Even though those in power are so unconcerned about it. Yet the only threat to it is, as Minell puts it in an expository dialogue, “a monstrous evil emerging from the desert.” This laughably laden phrase and the racist tropes that have always underpinned Ganon’s story, such as the gendered aspect of Zelda’s role that repeats throughout the story, seem to slip simply because this has been going on so long it feels disrespectful to mention them.

tears of the kingdom It brings in its own, lesser-known themes before discarding them in favor of a neat conclusion. For example, the game should have said something interesting about the body. Link loses his arm and wears his prosthetic leg. Zelda completely transforms. Mineru is able to isolate his mind and use a robotic construct that allows Link to pilot it as a mech.

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

But writers simply erase them, paying no attention to the lasting effects of these changes or their thematic implications. Mineru breaks out of his constructed self and disappears, and Zelda’s resurrection is given an explanation with hand gestures. The combined power of her ancestors allowed her to make the impossible possible and resurrect. Perhaps the same can be said for Link’s arm, but it doesn’t even get recognized when the protagonist is momentarily surprised.

what tears of the kingdom Ultimately, what it says about the body is that it can only exist in one direction in a proper happy ending. Prosthetics, scars, or deliberate alterations are scars that must be erased just like the Demon King himself. Like the rest of the story, like the rest of the series, it doesn’t celebrate any change.

of their great work upon tears of the kingdom In the ending, critic Harper Jay asked if this was “a story for the modern age.” They argue that a more daring and honest ending might have left Zelda trapped in her dragon form and completely unable to remember why she was crying. A bittersweet act like this would prove that defeating evil requires sacrifices that can’t be swept away by convenient magical abilities.

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

i agree with that tears of the kingdom it’s not a story for Our time, but it’s a story from Today, it is said that clinging to the status quo equals victory.That’s the story our bosses told us who says Striking workers’ demands are “unrealistic”.it’s a story told by incompetent political leaders People who refuse to challenge harmful government policies.Motivation is the story Regressive, transphobia law.This is the story that makes it possible more oil drilling during the climate crisis.

It’s also a narrative that more broadly reflects the current corporate media landscape. Remake, sequel, AI spews the most average output of all given, 45 ad movies based on Mattel IP Including “down-to-earth, rough things” Hot Wheels 0. All we’ve seen before, and even bigger. Nintendo once ocarina of time make Majora’s Mask, amazing and unique in tone. This time it was not.

What breaks this cycle? tears of the kingdom I am not interested in asking questions. It takes us back to the beginning, ready to start all over again, leaving no room for accepting the fact that the apparent victory is actually a tragedy of sorts in its own right.

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