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Do mechanical keyboards really need arrow keys? 

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Expanding / Recent keyboard announcements explore space-saving alternatives to dedicated arrow buttons.

Sharon Harding

Which key is a must on your keyboard? Many would say the whole numpad, but some would call for macro keys.I personally insist on my volume knob home office Configuration. And as someone who has tested 60% of keyboards without a numpad or arrow keys, I’ll add that the arrow keys are also a must for productivity and my sanity.

There is a market for keyboards without arrows, but for the majority, the lack of arrows on a keyboard is no deal breaker.mechanical keyboard angry miao However, we ask that you consider the alternatives announced today. Instead of relying on arrow keys or key combinations for arrow input (as most 60% of keyboard users do), there is a capacitive touch panel on the front edge for thumb input of arrows and other functions. I have.

Is Angry Meow up to something here?

it’s not about the keyboard

Angry Miao's AM Compact Touch saves space by replacing the arrow keys with a thumb-operated touchpad.
Expanding / Angry Miao’s AM Compact Touch saves space by replacing the arrow keys with a thumb-operated touchpad.

Before diving into this interesting touchpad, let’s figure something out. You probably don’t want to buy the Angry Miao AM Compact Touch Wireless Keyboard. For one thing, peripherals are still in the crowdfunding stage (indie gogo On sale February 2nd, according to The Barge). Angry Miao, a company known among mechanical his keyboard enthusiasts, has some high-end exclusives. product release successful in recent years crowdfunding campaignOther mechanical keyboard companies, like Keycrontend to launch their products through crowdfunding, and some publications such as The Verge and The Verge TechCrunch, tested the AM Compact Touch sample. However, investing in crowdfunding campaigns is risky.

Additionally, the AM Compact Touch has a niche layout with no arrow keys, numeric keypad, or function column. Those still interested will also face hefty prices, reportedly between $398 and $615.

Still, I couldn’t help but be charmed by the AM Compact Touch. It also gives functionality to some of the keyboards that are rarely used.

Do you think you need arrow keys on your keyboard because they’re essential to your everyday computing, or because you’re used to them? Opportunity.

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