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Donovan Mitchell reflects on time in Utah before first game against Jazz: ‘It was just draining on my energy’

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While no NBA city is perfect, one market that consistently seems to cause problems for players and fans is Salt Lake City.of utah jazz have played there for over 40 years, and a common thread during that time has been players expressing frustration about the behavior of the fan base there. Both Russell Westbrook and Ja Morant have clashed with these fans in recent years, but even Utah players have trouble interacting with them.

Donovan Mitchell is one of them.He spent the first five seasons of his career in Utah, but now cleveland cavaliershe opens up about how he was treated by fans in his original NBA city.

“It’s no secret being in Utah and having a lot to deal with off the floor,” Mitchell said. Andscaped’s Mark J. Spears“To be honest, I never really said this, but it was draining. That alone was draining my energy. I’m not saying all the fans specifically, but it feels like there was a lot going on. [Utah] state senator [Stuart Adams] Saying I need to be educated about my black history. I see black kids being bullied because of the color of their skin.look at the little girl [Isabella Tichenor] Hang yourself because you’re being bullied. “

“It’s a blessing to be back around people who look like me,” said Mitchell, who now plays for a more diverse Cleveland. “I was pulled over once. “And it forever left me wondering what would happen to a young black kid in Utah who didn’t have the power to say, ‘This is who I am.’ It was one.”

Sadly, racism exists in every NBA market, and indeed across the United States. It cannot be completely avoided. But Mitchell’s story about Utah isn’t just limited to his experiences there. Many players have voiced their concerns to Salt Lake City fans. Mitchell is happy to have found a new home, but it’s a shame she had to deal with these issues in the first place.

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