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‘Babylon’ is a lavish yet unfocused valentine to Hollywood’s heyday

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(1.5 stars)

As for Damien Chazelle, let’s say: He shows exactly what he’s giving audiences in the first few minutes of “Babylon,” a bruised, black-eyed valentine to Hollywood’s cyberic heyday. In a staggering number at the beginning, Chazelle films an elephant delivery to the mansion of film producer Don Wallach (Jeff Garlin). A famous joke about a man who cleans up after the circus every day. When asked why he never quit, he replied incredulously.

It’s Chazelle’s extravagant, frenzied, and ultimately obscure story before moral censorship and Wall Street moguls get their mitts on a once-glorious tribe of outlaws, slanderers, perverts, and pirates. It’s the animated question of “Babylon,” a portrait of American cinema. I made a movie on the spot to see what I could do. The early settlers of Hollywoodland in the 1920s were, Chazelle conjectures, wild, unruly, and no less violent, so prone to self-destruction, but also to a flurry of inspiration and ecstasy. there was a trend.

At least I think Is that the point of “Babylon”? Honestly, by the time this confusing, overcrowded, disgustingly digressive trip finally crashes like a hangover after so many overeating, Chazelle’s point is complacently and manically Lost in a shaky shuffle. When the elephant is delivered, it becomes the center of free drinking, drugging, sex, and a near-death furious party. A fetish scene of an overweight man and his young date recalls the scandalous life and career of Fatty Arbuckle. The pencil-mustache Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt, with a silky look) clearly reminds me of John Garfield. Nellie Laroy (Margot Robbie), a cocaine-addicted ingenuity who rose from obscurity to stardom, seems to be based on Mabel Normand.

Movie geeks will find plenty of similar parlor game amusements in the “Babylon” characters and their real-life analogues. Ruth?Alice Guy Brachet?While Nellie pursues fame and fortune, Manny Torres, a young man she befriends at Wallack’s party, gets a chance to leave elephant details. Played by newcomer Diego Calva in a Javier Bardem-esque performance, Manny is the ethical center of a film that spirals to the edge of depravity and decay.

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Part burlesque, part grotesque, “Babylon” borrows fast-paced cues and shock effects from much better films before it. Either as terrifyingly elegant or writhing as fun. Intended to be a poignant testament to the durability of cinema as an art form, like “Singing in the Rain,” which the filmmaker literally quotes at the climax, “Babylon” is a tribute to licensing and the debauchery of silent cinema. has been supplanted by streamlined — and lethally sanitized — talkie production practices. A big turning point for Manny came when he flew from a remote film location to Los Angeles to replace his camera. He inadvertently discovers Magic Hour as he returns just before the director loses his light. In a welcome quiet moment, a reporter like Luella or Is It Header, played by Jean Smart, teaches Jack how to age gracefully with a moving speech about obsolescence and eternity.

These are the romantic touches that give “Babylon” its lyrical uplift. Elsewhere, it exists in a revisionist dream space where anarchy and art go hand in hand, even as the number of corpses swells. Robbie plays Nellie as a creature of insatiable appetite — for fame, especially cocaine — whose nervous, jerky energy fuels an entire saucy caravan. Slutty, lustful, and lustful, Nellie is the heroine of a picture who begins to grow disgusted with admiration for her most outrageous antics (after all, the difference between a madcap and mayhem lies in a few just in random characters). Let’s put it this way: If you have to watch one movie this year featuring projectile vomiting as an indictment of the upper class, it’s “sorrow triangleConversely, if you have to watch one movie this year featuring a senseless, never-ending snake fight scene, ‘Babylon’ is your best bet.

Jack, Nellie, and Manny are the main characters in “Babylon,” but Chazelle introduces a third person. Jazz is his musician Sydney Palmer (Jovan Adepo). perform in blackface. He’s a welcome addition to the proceedings, but Sydney’s storyline gets lost in Chazelle’s frantic intercuts, making it a case of diminishing returns as “Babylon” reaches its panicky ending. .boogie nights“Via Alfred Molina of the Ages”nightmare alley

By this point, the pleasure-seekers who decadently party to “Babylon” have turned to pain for maximum turn-on. The breathtaking energy begins to feel exponentially more forced (and frankly uncomfortable) the harder Chazelle tries to maintain it. Robbie offers a fearless portrayal of a woman trying to overtake her power to tame her, but she’s a shallow, albeit high aesthetic and productive value. Abandoned by a narrative that is little more than a mashup of felt moments. Not terribly original. Even the final moments of “Babylon” are meant to be the most expressive and moving Chazelle’s greatest anthems to cinema, but they can’t focus on anything for the faint of heart. .

Like many movies these days—”once upon a time in hollywoodbelfastfavermansempire of light— “Babylon” wants to pay tribute to the medium that unites us all in the dark. This could be an accidental and honest depiction of a medium who has always wanted to have a cola and snort, in a backhand way.

R. at the local theater. Contains strong and vulgar sexual content, graphic nudity, bloody violence, drug use and pervasive vulgar language. 188 minutes.

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