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Dr. Nora Volkow — Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (#673)

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“I don’t accept an answer of no. This is the message I say to young people. And no one has the right to say, ‘You can’t bring a new perspective on things.'” That’s why I always say, ‘Be bold and be patient’. ”

— Dr. Nora Volkow

Dr. Nora D. Volkowis the director of National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) National Institutes of Health. NIDA is the world’s largest funder of scientific research into the health aspects of drug use and addiction. Dr. Volkow’s research helped prove that drug addiction is a brain disorder. As a research psychiatrist, Dr. Volkow pioneered the use of brain imaging to investigate how substance use affects brain function. In particular, her research documents how alterations in the dopamine system affect the function of brain regions involved in reward and self-control in addiction. She has also made important contributions to the neurobiology of obesity, ADHD, and aging.

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#673: Dr. Nora Volkow — Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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  • Follow the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

website | Nora’s blog | twitter | Facebook

Show memo

  • [06:09] corpse homework.
  • [09:07] Trotsky connection.
  • [17:07] How did Nora’s father see the role of science?
  • [20:59] Julian Villarreal.
  • [27:38] perseverance perspective.
  • [33:48] Inculcate perseverance in young scientists.
  • [35:08] Demerol and dance.
  • [40:05] The current state of addiction in America.
  • [44:28] drug war.
  • [49:42] Growing public trust in therapeutic psychedelics.
  • [55:38] Advice for researchers seeking more federal funding.
  • [1:02:12] Evaluate the value of hallucinatory experiences.
  • [1:06:04] Effects of one compound on multiple uses.
  • [1:13:36] Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and a promising alternative.
  • [1:19:49] A New Hope for Parkinson’s Patients?
  • [1:23:51] Comorbidities, addiction considerations, and other breakup thoughts.

more dr.A quote from an interview with Nora Volkow

“…Science should be data-driven, but science also has a religious nature. And once a model is created, it becomes very difficult to change it. It will be a long, long time before entrenched notions are questioned.”
— Dr. Nora Volkow

“I don’t accept an answer of no. This is the message I say to young people. And no one has the right to say, ‘You can’t bring a new perspective on things.'” That’s why I always say, ‘Be bold and be patient’. ”
— Dr. Nora Volkow

“When it comes to the war on drugs, I think we basically created a mechanism that could perpetuate structural racism. How its enforcement led to the imprisonment of young black Americans. It’s very tragic to see.”
— Dr. Nora Volkow

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