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EA Made PS2 Lord Of The Rings Game With Tiger Woods Golf Engine

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Tiger Woods standing in front of a Lord of the Rings screenshot and shouting.

image: EA / Kotaku

Making video games is very difficult. Even small games can take years to ship. One of the most time and resource intensive aspects is building a custom engine. As such, many developers utilize his Unreal, Unity, or another existing engine to speed up development. It’s all very common, but a very wild example from the days of the PlayStation 2 was recently revealed in an interview with the new game’s director, Glen Schofield. Callisto Protocol.

recently, Callisto Protocol It was released to … mixed reviews (our own Ashley Bardhan loved how ambitious it was, despite some nasty difficulty spikes).Anyway, to help promote the new horror game, the director Glenn Scofield I am doing interviews.and two weeks ago he Wired In it, he responded to a random tweet about game development, where he revealed a fun tidbit about a popular person. Lord of the Ring A game he worked on at EA.

of of Wired videoSchofield (previously worked on Dead Space When call of duty) answers the question as to why developers don’t create their own engines, but instead use existing technologies. The director explains that it would be far too expensive and time consuming to do this today, and it is almost always better to use the old engine and reuse it, as we did with EA.


See, when he was a producer of a licensed side-scrolling action back in 2003 Lord of the rings: return of the king, his team spent a year developing a new engine for the game. But things were moving slowly and the game had a tight deadline. So he looked at the various other engines EA was using for games at the time to find techniques that could be reused.And strangely enough, he has the latest tiger woods The golf game had a perfect engine.

Lord of the Ring A huge area and a castle or something on the edge, like a fortress. what is such? tiger woods! ’ Scofield explains:and we tiger woods engine and it Lord of the Ring engine. “

Now, this is fun and interesting enough on its own. However, the last part was revealed on Twitter today. it turns out, According to a former EA developersome of which have changed Lord of the Ring Visual effects code was later reused on the PSP tiger woods A game that emits smoke when the ball impacts.

Apparently PSP code tiger woods The game also contains references to Gandalf and others Lot R character too. As ever, game development is tedious and endlessly fascinating.

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