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Experts reveal how the royal family could respond to Harry and Meghan documentary

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A documentary about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex landed on Netflix this week, predictably dividing royal experts and fans.

series titled Harry and Meganhas been split into two ‘volumes’ and promises to show ‘the other side’ of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story.

In a trailer released ahead of the arrival of Volume 1 on Thursday (December 8), the Duke promised to tell the “complete truth” and that while Meghan was still a senior member of the royal family, she had “planted it.” He suggested that there was a story that

While the first three episodes didn’t reveal any new allegations against Buckingham Palace, the couple criticized their desire to air the series despite their concerns about the press’s interference in their lives. Through a spokesperson, the couple made the decision to step down as senior members of the royal family in 2020. It had nothing to do with “privacy”.

on the other hand, The lack of explosive revelations this week will definitely be a relief Speaking to the royal family, experts say Charles III should prioritize mending ties between the family and the Sussexes if he wants to end the couple’s “complaining”.

Jo Elvin, journalist, broadcaster and podcast host Palace Confidential Said Independent: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the King soon started clinging to a new mantra. [Queen Elizabeth II] conduct? ‘

“Publicly, on the question of how to deal with this incendiary ‘docuseries,’ the soap opera will continue to be debated and will want to avoid comments and actions that become more and more vulgar over time,” she said. “Personally, though, he may have to overcome his reported desire to avoid conflict and get everyone talking.

“No matter how diverse our family memories are, we believe finding a way to heal Harry and Meghan’s pain is a priority, otherwise we will never run out of energy to complain and explain. It would be a dignified move of power to mention it affectionately in his first Christmas speech.”

Royal commentator RS Locke said the docuseries would have a greater impact on the distance between the Sussexes and the Prince of Wales.

come after harry shows up Defying Prince William’s mother’s controversial wishes panorama An interview that will never be broadcast again by including a clip from it in the first episode Harry and Megan.


William said it was his “strong stance” after a report last year revealed that the BBC had covered up deception by journalist Martin Bashir in obtaining an interview. panorama The footage will never see the light of day again. However, speaking about his series of interviews, Harry said his mother “told the truth of her experience.”

“Reports of strife between Prince Harry and Prince William began as early as 2018 and last year, on Oprah. [Winfrey] In interviews, Harry repeated that when he characterized the relationship as “space,” Locke said. Independent.

“They say life events such as death and birth can bind families together. If I couldn’t, I don’t know if I could do anything. But it’s possible that this documentary series has brought more distance between the two couples.”

Locke said the documentary’s impact on the Sussexes’ relationship with King and Queen Camilla was “not very clear”.

“They have spent the past year making an effort to reunite with Harry, Meghan and their grandchildren by making personal visits when the family was in the UK,” she noted. Referring to the third episode of the series where Ahua Hirsch states that “racist imagery” is displayed at the Royal Palace, Locke said the actions Charles took to “punish” the Sussexes were ” I’m not feeling well,’ he said.

“At June’s Commonwealth Summit, the King, who is also Head of Commonwealth, said ‘it’s time’ to acknowledge our past and the painful and lasting effects of slavery,” she said. said.

“By shedding light on the history of the monarchy’s role in the slave trade, isn’t the documentary program? Punishing his mixed-race grandson by removing his title does not match his own words.

However, Locke believes that whether or not Harry and Meghan will be welcomed at the King’s coronation next spring will depend on the contents of the second volume of the program, which will be released on December 15.

Also, it may depend on the content of Harry’s next memoir, sparereleased on January 10, and public reaction to the rest of the series.

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