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Feel Like You’re Being Watched? The Sensation May Predict Cognitive Decline in Parkinson’s : ScienceAlert

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A hallucination is the feeling that someone is near you when you are actually alone. Following the research results, they are common In people with Parkinson’s disease, new research suggests that it may also predict cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease.

1 in 2 people have Parkinson’s disease is considered Researchers report that they experience hallucinations on a regular basis. In her third of patients, symptoms appear before more common symptoms such as tremors appear.

Data were collected from 75 patients with Parkinson’s disease aged 60 to 70 years using neuropsychological interviews to assess cognitive decline and electroencephalography (EEG) to measure resting brains. Patients were also asked about their hallucinatory experiences.

The researchers found that cognitive decline in frontal executive functions, including attention, problem-solving, emotion regulation, and impulse control, declined more rapidly over five years in patients who experienced hallucinations early in the course of their disease.

“We know that early hallucinations in Parkinson’s disease should be taken seriously.” To tell Olaf Blanke, a neurologist and physician at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, abbreviated EPFL).

The researchers also found a pattern (4-8 Hz) in which frontal theta was enhanced. vibration activity However, it is limited to those who have hallucinations at the onset of Parkinson’s disease. This is another marker that medical professionals may look to in the future.

Blanke and his colleagues encourage Parkinson’s patients who experience hallucinations to talk to their doctors about their experiences. These hallucinations are often unreported, ignored, or considered a side effect of treatment.

“Detecting the early signs of dementia means early management of the disease, allowing the development of improved and personalized therapies that modify the course of the disease and improve cognitive function. ” To tell blanket.

A hallucination is defined as false recognition Impaired sensory experience usually results from abnormal brain function, so it is not surprising that it is more prevalent in brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

The researchers’ next step is to investigate how this early warning system can be used conveniently and reliably. That could involve discovering patterns of brain activity that correlate with hallucinations, perhaps before the hallucinations actually appear.

“So far, there is only evidence linking cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease to early hallucinations, but it may also work for other neurodegenerative disorders.” To tell blanket.

This research natural mental health.

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