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Taylor Swaim’s Lovely 1800s House in Connecticut

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Taylor Swim House Tour

After living in Walkup, Brooklyn for 10 years, Taylor Swaim — Who is the head of social for fragrance brands? Mizensil Parfum and creed house — was ready for change. “She wanted to buy her own, but in the city it wasn’t possible,” she says. “Then all of a sudden, COVID-19 and remote work kicked in and I was in this little corner of Connecticut.” He showed us with pictures. Kate Jordan

back porch

Taylor Swim House Tour

Table and chairs: vintage. lantern: target, resemble.

In an accidental moment: When I stumbled upon this house, two criteria of my home search matched. It was a historic house. and It wasn’t a complete gut job. I never thought I would get an offer (the market was so competitive), so I was really happy when it worked out.

Taylor Swim House Tour

About an unlikely friendship: I had a groundhog in my yard and he was very attached to me. It’s both fun and tedious. He likes to sit on my back step and sunbathe like a dog, which is cute, but he can also ruin my yard work.

dining area

Taylor Swim House Tour

Dining chairs and covers: IKEA, resemble. Table: vintage, ‘handed down from my grandmother’.

A popular itinerary: A typical summer Saturday is when friends come over and take them to a nearby town for breakfast. The Po Cafe. This is a great diner built in the old post office building in town. Afterwards, head out for a morning hike and stop at a farmers market. The markets here are out of this world.

Taylor Swim House Tour

Taylor Swim House Tour

Tables, chairs, dressers, mirrors: vintage. Lag: home depot. Curtains: JC Penney, resemble. Ramp: One King’s Lane, resemble. round paper shades: IKEA, resemble.

About Easy Hosting: When I was in New York, it was more important when I invited people into my home, whether it was the perfect cheese board or the perfect spread. Now that I’m an adult, I realize it’s so lovely when people pop in on a whim and chill out over a glass of wine and a snack. It’s not about perfecting everything, it’s more about enjoying the people you’re with, and that was a learning curve in my 20s and 30s.

Taylor Swim House Tour

Chair: vintage. fireplace candles: pottery barn. portrait art: Josh Young.

To find your design style: I try not to limit myself to one particular style or get all my work from one place. Instead, I try to gravitate toward what drives me. Works that make you happy are always active in your home. That’s what makes the design timeless.

Taylor Swim House Tour

portrait art: Josh Young.

About Affordable Art Hacks: I’m famous for buying artbooks and framing them by cutting out my favorite photos from them with a knife.there is here Paul McCartney photo came from

Taylor Swim House Tour

Favorite Articles: i love the author Mary Carr — she wrote club of liars, which is a great anecdote about the family.and always reading David Sedaris Christmas time, especially holiday on ice.


Taylor Swim House Tour

About Dessert Bookmarks: Recently, I invited a friend to my house and ate delicious food. cardamom and citrus cake. It’s made with olive oil and yogurt, gluten-free almond flour, and a beautiful blood orange glaze.

Taylor Swim House Tour

runner: e-sail rug, “A great source for buying affordable rugs.” Chairs and Kettles: Vintage. Gingham Check Towel: Target, resemble.

About seasonal dishes: As summer is approaching, I love anything with tomatoes in it. Friends of mine have historically held their “Annual Tomato Fest” in August. It’s a dinner party with tomatoes in every recipe.

Taylor Swim House Tour

copper fish: vintage, resemble.

About the small claim to fame: Television Writer Amy Sherman-Palladino Lives gilmore girls in this area of ​​Connecticut. They also talk about our town of Woodbury on the show. Occasionally, we’ll laugh and post episodes that catch the moment they mention our town’s name.

family room

Taylor Swim House Tour

sofa: pottery barn. Pillow: vintage. runner: e-sail rug. Lamp: Kmart’s Martha Stewart, resemble. Illustration of Paris: “A gift from a friend” Josh Young, is my former address when I lived in Paris. ”

On decor advice for my younger self: There are some things I saw on the old Cup of Joe house tour that I still love, but now I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that was a special moment in the design!’ Like a chevron rug. I loved it at the time, but there was such a flow.

Taylor Swim House Tour

Curtain: Target, resemble. side table: target, resemble. coffee table: west elm.Paint: Pearly Cotton magnolia.

About living in the historic district: The house next door was built in the 1600’s and the next closest house was built in the mid-1700’s. My family is the “youngest”, crazy to think. The streets are beautiful and full of old charm.

downstairs guest room

Taylor Swim House Tour

Paint: Tate Olive Benjamin Moore. Bed frame, side table, wardrobe: vintage. Chandelier: An antique “handed down from her grandmother.” curtain: west elm. pillow: Les Indiennes, resemble. Duvet: plain goods.Portrait: From Antique garden style living. Picture light: Amazon.

About special works: This portrait is moody and adds drama. She is a very dignified looking woman. She wanted the room to match her vibe, so she used green paint. But when I hung her up on the wall, she disappeared into her wall. this light give her more full of energy. It also makes for a beautiful sunset.

2nd floor guest room

Taylor Swim House Tour

bedding: way circle, resemble. Gingham pillow cover: Les Indiennes. Side table, lamp and mirror: vintage. Horse illustration: Souvenirs from the Longines Paris Horse Show. basket: the goal. Flower art: paint by numbers (“I did this during lockdown and was featured in CoJ’s Cozy Corner!”).

About Feminine Energy: In the 1990s, a mother and her two daughters lived here. In fact, he stopped by even after I moved. I put a lot of effort into building the house, so I was very happy to see another woman running it, and she told me it had a feminine energy to it. It made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Taylor Swim House Tour

Chair and runner: vintage. photograph: Linda McCartney: Life in Photos. Pom pom blanket: the goal.

About being proud of your inner child: I call it the “adult Uma Musume” room. I started horseback riding when I was in elementary school, and I belonged to the equestrian club at university. I earned these ribbons as a child. However, in the 90s, I was embarrassed to be a horse girl and kept it a secret. I never told my friends about it, and I never wore a ribbon. But now that I’m an adult, I think, “I still love horses!” It deserves a place in my home because that part of my life will always be important to me.


Taylor Swim House Tour

Robe: Ace Hotel“The best robe.” Paint: Pearly Cotton magnolia.

On the beauty of slowing down: I love listening to music, lighting candles and drinking coffee in the morning to slowly start my day. My morning routine in New York included waking up, chugging coffee, attending an exercise class, and rushing to the office. Waking up to the light and feeling grateful for the morning was a very positive change.

Taylor Swim House Tour

Jewelry holder: vortex of fish.

About Cool Scent: I work for a company that does fragrance brands, so I get to try a lot of different perfumes and candles.currently wearing Parisian Musk, with a woody, musky, slightly floral scent. In my opinion, it’s exactly the scent of a cool Parisian girl.

Master bedroom

Taylor Swim House Tour

Paint: From Berkshire Beige Benjamin Moore. Dresser, lamp, mirror: vintage. Plaid rug: Jenny Kane. Sheepskin rug: Jenny Kane. shoes: J.Crew.Bedding: Via Ralph Lauren TJ Max.

About being a single homeowner: Ever since I bought this place, I’ve felt a lot like ‘Oh my God, are you doing this all by yourself? Are you a single woman buying a house? From an economic point of view, it’s a little unsettling. But the reward is that it will be completely mine. If you want to paint your room olive green, you can. If you want to sleep on floral bed sheets, you can. It feels good to have that kind of freedom.

Taylor Swaim House Tour

Chair: vintage.

On finding happiness outside the traditional roadmap: When I was in my twenties, I thought that buying a house was the first step after getting married. But my life did not follow such a trajectory. And as I got older, I realized more and more that even if certain items were unchecked, I could still have the life I envisioned. And it’s a wonderful experience to live the life you want without fear and in your own power.

Thank you very much, taylor! your house is wonderful

PS More residential tours, including a Connecticut home that defines “cozy” and a cozy Victorian home in Sonoma.

(Photo courtesy: Kate Jordan for jaw cup)

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