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Forget The New MacBook Pro, Apple Has Something Much Better

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Updated April 17th: Article originally posted on April 15th.

apple MacBook series There was always a lack of bigger laptops for consumers. On older Intel machines, the 15-inch and 17-inch screens were limited to his more powerful and expensive MacBook Pro laptops. With the launch of Apple Silicon, his consumer MacBook Air laptops offer performance on par with Intel-powered Pro machines, while his entry-level MacBook Air is the most powerful laptop in its price range. became one of

However, it lacked something that Windows laptops are well equipped with. 15 inch consumer laptop. Apple has carefully avoided offering this option to macOS fans. If I wanted a larger laptop display, I would have had to move to a MacBook Pro laptop at a much higher cost.

That will change this year. Those who want a larger display can forget his 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops. Apple is finally readying a 15-inch Air, but the specs are worrisome.

UPDATE: Monday 17th April: Written Bloomberg’s In his Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman highlights Apple’s plans for three new MacBooks (13-inch Air and 13-inch Pro, plus an update to the new 15-inch Air), but also makes two caveats about laptops. I have.

First, only select laptops will be announced at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference, and second, none of the models announced at WWDC will feature the new M3 technology. Instead, it will be limited to “something along the lines of the current M2 processor”.

We may not see a full upgrade to the M3 family, but the idea of ​​a chip in between the M2 and M3 is an interesting prospect. It can be considered an upgrade to last year’s laptop, even though it uses the same underlying technology.

The obvious choice to power the larger MacBook Air would be the upcoming M3 generation of Apple Silicon chips. With the new chipset, the new MacBook Air offers the latest technology and longest potential lifespan, making it an attractive upgrade for existing Air users running the older M1 or M2 chipsets.

Is this Apple’s intention for larger laptops?

latest report Various log files received by third-party developers of macOS apps indicate new laptops that are no longer available. This “Mac 15,3” product ID suggests a 15-inch MacBook Air. The log also shows some specs. Display resolution is similar. In the 14-inch MacBook Pro, 8GB of RAM follows the existing Air laptop, and the chipset has his 8 main cores and 10 graphics cores.

It all adds up to a larger MacBook Air than you would expect, but the core count is…interesting. This 8/10 mix reflects the current M2 chipset used in existing MacBook Air models, with Apple delaying the launch of the M3 chipset to keep the MacBook Air 15-inch “latest.” Or you can run this new laptop with a generation-old chipset.

Given the outrageous level of hype surrounding the launch of Apple’s mixed reality efforts at WWDC, the argument is that the message about this new product line cannot be diluted with another new product line. I have. This is exactly the 15-inch MacBook Air.

Until a few years ago, Apple released every new iPhone and iPhone Pro model with the latest A-class chipset. Lately, lower tier iPhones have been shipping with previous generations. This choice has led to a further separation of specs and a price difference between vanilla and pro handsets. Apple also keeps the M1 MacBook Air in stock, which has allowed the company to offer his M2 MacBook Air at a higher price while maintaining the entry-level price of $999.

Tim Cook’s Apple has shown over the past few years that it mixes hardware generations well to create a tiered portfolio with options in each price point. The MacBook Air fits nicely into this pattern. His MacBook Air machine, a generation before his MacBook Pro, also fits that pattern.

Frankly, the M2 chipset already offers consumers a decent amount of performance, more than enough for most tasks. Those in need of extra power can turn to his 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

Now that Apple is offering a 15-inch MacBook Air, those in need of a larger display can finally ignore the underwhelming and expensive MacBook Pro model, which uses the M2 chipset. Even with it, the larger MacBook Air is a welcome addition to the Mac lineup.

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