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Harrison Ford Wouldn’t Stop Calling Mads Mikkelsen A Nazi On Indiana Jones Set

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indiana jones
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

indiana jones and the dial of fate It may not have exploded at the box office this summer, but the fedora-wearing legendary archaeologist’s fifth film is still making a lot of headlines. Actor Mads Mickelson, who plays the villain Dr. Fowler, added an interesting detail to that discussion. In an interview with GQ, Mickelson said Harrison Ford called them Nazis every time they passed each other during the making of the film.

Harrison Ford had a great time with Mads Mikkelsen on the movie set indiana jones and the dial of fate By making fun of a Dutch actor playing a villainous Nazi.

“Normally, he’d spot me from a distance, randomly, wherever I was, and just yell, ‘The Nazis are here!'” Mikkelsen recalls.

In the video, Mads Mikkelsen said that his character was based on Werner von Braun, a Nazi rocket scientist who was recruited by the United States after World War II to direct NASA’s rocket research. says there is.

Mikkelsen shows von Braun walking comfortably alongside Americans, as if he wasn’t in charge of building long-range rockets to kill civilians in wartime. He said he was fascinated by the fact that

“Normally, he’d spot me from a distance, randomly, wherever I was, and just yell, ‘The Nazis are here!

Mads Mikkelsen talks about Harrison Ford

Werner von Braun called himself a non-political scientist, saying that being a member of the Nazi Party was necessary to advance his career as a scientist. Eventually, however, it became widely known that von Braun’s V-2 program used slave labor and killed thousands of prisoners during rocket construction.

Mads Mikkelsen’s character highlights that trait, playing a staunch Nazi who uses his role as an American scientist to further his own ends.

Mads Mikkelsen’s indiana jones and the dial of fate

Of course, not everyone who heard Harrison Ford call Mads Mikkelsen a Nazi really knew what he was talking about. According to Mikkelsen, this led to some awkward moments when he had to tell the new crew exactly what was going on.

But Mads Mikkelsen, with good humor about the whole ordeal, said it was Harrison Ford’s “way of warming up” and he appreciated it. Mikkelsen has nothing but good things to say about the film’s star, saying he’s as full of energy as he was in his teens. He called Ford “a legend on many levels” but appreciated that he did everything he could to make those around him feel comfortable.

indiana jones and the dial of fate This will be the third time Harrison Ford’s character punches a Nazi for a cause.

This Nazi role fits well with the history of Harrison Ford’s beloved archaeologist hero, indiana jones and the dial of fate The third Indiana Jones film to feature Nazis as antagonists.

The first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, pitted Jones against the Nazis who wanted to use the Ark of the Covenant to expand Nazi power. Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIn the third film in the series, the Nazis attempt to find and use the Grail that grants immortality.

The latest Indiana Jones movie isn’t knocking anyone’s socks off, but the reaction of both critics and audiences alike was that the film was far better than expected, and arguably better than the ill-fated one. showing good things. Crystal Skull Kingdom Released in 2008.

With a CinemaScore of B+ and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 69%, fans of the series are encouraged to give the latest, and possibly final, Indiana Jones film a chance.

However, it remains to be seen if enough fans will watch the film based on word of mouth to make up for its poor box office performance.

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