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Here’s What You’ll Find On Starfield’s 1,000 Procedural Planets

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when Bethesda revealed star field Having over 1,000 planets sounded both impressive and potentially nightmarish. What if instead of a dozen bespoke locations, an open-world sci-fi RPG was dotted with hundreds of lifeless rocks filled with the same old stuff? Director Todd Howard suggests the film is somewhere in between.

tackle the topic Kinda Funny Xcast New Interviewsaid a Bethesda veteran. star field Planets will play different roles. Many have resources but are fairly barren, with about 10 percent likely falling into the “Goldilocks” sweet spot that can sustain a variety of life. Rather than making all planets feel the same, the differences are intended to encourage players to continue exploring.

“We wanted to do planets because we want to give you the option of where you want to go, because a game like this makes you feel like you want that option,” says the team. Howard said he struggled with the challenges of inclusion. He has 1,000 planets. “Obviously this is procedural, it’s impossible to handcraft the entire planet.”

Howard said there will be a “suite” of individual locations created by the team, which will be “generated or placed” according to the type of planet when the player lands on a particular planet. When players approach a particular solar system for the first time, they will choose where to go based on what they are looking for. And there will be lifeless planets, but that’s the point.

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“I think it’s about time you land on some of these barren planets, and then again we generate certain things for you to find there. But if you look at the planets, you see the resources.” Well, there’s what you want in there.” —I love Buzz Aldrin’s words, “great desolation.” I think there’s a certain beauty in feeling alone or the only human being,” Howard said.

The director said that rather than spending hours exploring every nook and cranny of a random planet, most players land in a specific location, explore around the ship, and then depart somewhere else. I said I think it will. There are no ground vehicles or vehicles, but the dedicated skills he tree boosters with his pack of upgrades allow the player to move faster. Also, in some cases, players will visit the location, scan it, and bring back survey data to sell elsewhere in the galaxy.

“It’s a difficult design,” Howard said of throwing the balance of elements to nothing in a space exploration game. “Adding too much would generate too many abandoned bases and towers, or things you can’t find, which would make it too game-y in some of those locations, so I didn’t want the planet the player was playing on. I think we were able to adjust it pretty well depending on the situation.” Good luck. ”

star field It launches on Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6th. early access For Deluxe Edition owners after September 1st.

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