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How I Found True Happiness Living with Less

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Note: This is a guest post by Winnie. her digital coffee.

“I realized that the less I owned, the less I owned.” —Nathan W. Morris

discover minimalism

A few years ago, I found some videos online discussing minimalism. It was an unfamiliar concept at the time, but I was immediately intrigued. I was fascinated by the sheer happiness and fulfillment these people could get from living on less and had to learn more.

When I started reflecting on my own lifestyle, I found it difficult to imagine myself living the same way. I looked around me and asked myself. flat start?if i need All these?is this a lifestyle flat Is it achievable?how can i find it more The joy of living with less?”

I was hesitant at first, but thought it would be worth a try. If my belongings are stressing me out and affecting my productivity, the least relief from this experience should be more desk space. Little did I know that the journey I was about to begin would change the course of my life for the better.


I decided to set aside a weekend to organize my belongings. It should have been an easy process, right? But i was wrong. I quickly realized that letting go was much harder than I thought. It was a mental process of moving away from the physical, but after a few hours I found myself in the same place with no progress.

Instead of giving up completely, I found a few things that helped me feel better donate. This process was repeated weekly. Some might say it’s a cumbersome operation, but it worked for me. This method allowed me to be productive at a pace I was comfortable with.

The hardest part of decluttering is thinking, “What if I need this in the future?” When I couldn’t remember what I donated last week, the answer was “I never have. ”

that feeling

After months of continuous effort, I felt much lighter. I lost my attachment to physical things. Looking around my space and seeing items that actually enhance and add value to my life has been a great relief.

I no longer get bogged down by trends or feel pressured by social media to have the latest products and gadgets. I began to prioritize experiences, and as a result, I became more attentive and appreciative of the little things in life.

The feeling of living with less was empowering as I realized how little I needed to be happy. In fact, when I went to the mall for the first time since the elimination session, I had an enlightening experience. I went from impulse buying to window shopping. It’s easier to say no to new things and watch your spending.

more than physical

As my journey progressed, I realized that minimalism permeated every aspect of my life. What used to start with putting away physical items has now turned into a spiritual experience. I was taught the importance of letting go of things that are not useful to me.

If something didn’t add value to my life or make my life easier, I didn’t want it. I put more emphasis on personal connections. Whether it’s a relationship or a friendship, if it’s not healthy or you’re not doing your best, it’s time to let it go. I learned the true meaning of quality over quantity.

Now that I no longer felt stressed or overwhelmed by my physical surroundings, I could always find time to enjoy nature, new foods, and exciting experiences. I was now collecting memories that would bring me a lifetime of joy instead of collecting physical things that brought me joy for just a moment.


Embracing a minimalist lifestyle certainly didn’t happen overnight, but it was a worthwhile and rewarding experience. It’s incredible how the simple act of living with less has changed my mood and perspective in such a big way.

I learned that minimalism isn’t just about tidying up, owning a certain amount of clothes, or limiting yourself to buying cool stuff. The great thing about this journey is that everyone sees things differently. The trip will be unique, just like you.

If I had to answer the question that popped into my head before I started my journey, it would be “How can I find out?” more The joy of living with less?” I would like to answer this today. “That’s when you find your true self through the most magical journey of letting go.”


Winnie is the founder and creator of her digital coffee, an online space that explores lifestyle topics that inspire passion and inspire meaningful conversations. Her Digital Her Coffee’s popular themes include wellness, sustainability, travel, books and more.say hello and connect twitter and Instagram.

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