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How likely is a superfungus apocalypse? The science behind The Last of Us explained

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Like all good thrillers, The Last of Us contains another grain of truth. As it suggests, fungi can be spread, for example, through industrial food stores. , hallucinations, vomiting, and severe burning sensations in the limbs. They suffered from the Fire of St. Anthony. This was a common medieval disease caused by ergot fungi. In this case, the fungus contaminated the rye flour used to make the villagers’ bread.

“Ergot contains chemicals that make patients go berserk and cause gangrene of the limbs by constricting the blood supply to the extremities,” the incident description said. Medicine.net“Without treatment (which was not possible in the Middle Ages), victims experienced a burning sensation before fingers, toes, hands and feet fell off”.

There is also evidence of an increasing incidence and geographic range of fungal diseases. For example, the Candida fungus that causes common infections such as oral and vaginal candidiasis has become more resistant to treatment and is becoming more prevalent. drug resistance mutations in bugs First discovered in Mississippi. Highly contagious infections, which can cause serious illness in people with weakened immune systems, have spread widely across the United States over the past decade.

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