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Selecting the Zuma Beach House Window Treatments

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When Camille renovated her Austin home two years ago, the window decoration was one of the unexpected, but completely game-changing details that truly transformed the space.well maybe not Overall Surprisingly, window treatments play an important role in the look and feel of any room. But sometimes it can be difficult to navigate. Because there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing window treatments. Why choose sheer shades when you can choose blackout?Invest in blinds or pick curtains?So when it came time to choose her treatments for the windows of Zuma Beach House, Camille knew she was teaming up. Grabber Once again to help her nail the final look.

We love going behind the scenes, so we’ll walk you through the Zuma Beach House renovation from start to finish. We get to the heart of choosing window treatments that match the aesthetic and support every room’s needs. I’ll look.read more all Inspiration and mood boards to guide design decisions Follow her Pinterest board hereLet’s get into it.

Inspiration image above Thiel Thomsen At Ashley Merrill’s Beach House.

Let’s recap: What atmosphere are you trying to create for Zuma Beach House?

The design theme I gave this project is (getting ready)… “Minimalist Beach Lunch”. If it wasn’t before, it is now!

our architect, Doug Burge, designed the floor plan to make the most of the natural environment, whether turning for a panoramic view of the ocean or adding protection to block the wind. To create the casual and warm aesthetic we envision for Zuma Beach House, we lean into the lack of decoration to create a sense of calm. Clean lines and lush nature take center stage.

In keeping with the ranch-style qualities of the current home, we have stuck to a one-story layout with an open floor plan, large windows, and sliding glass doors. And “beach” influences the white walls, vaulted shiplap ceiling, planked cabinets, and overall casual vibe.

It’s no surprise that I accept a little Here, as I do in almost all my design projects, I embrace minimalism. My goal is to include enough interesting elements and thoughtful details while avoiding being overly trendy. Architecture and design create a simple canvas on which furniture, textiles and decorative details can be layered.

Years ago I loved working with Graber on our home renovation in Austin.It’s been a seamless process since using online grabber visualizer This allows you to virtually try out window treatments in your own space or work directly with them. grabber expert I will walk you through the whole process. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want a renovation without them!

inspirational images Thiel Thomsen At Ashley Merrill’s Beach House

What practical windowing considerations come to mind for this renovation?

best room

The Great Room faces the ocean and becomes one large open entertainment space. We have not yet decided if we will incorporate window treatments here as we do not face any other house and the landscaping provides protection from the street. If it’s too bright, I sometimes add a tint to filter and soften it while still letting in that beautiful light.

image provider Sam Frost at Jodie Freed’s House


We designed our study to be the most comfortable family room of our dreams, made for reading, playing board games, and marathoning the X-Box. increase. As such, this room needs shade that provides a fair amount of darkness to prevent glare from the screen and to make it very cosy.

guest bedroom and bunkroom

With woven materials and a small patio space, we want these rooms to have a major surfer vibe. The window treatments reflect that, using natural materials that are light and airy. But it also hopes to promote a great night’s sleep, meaning its ability to completely block out light at bedtime.

Master bedroom

the goal? Make this room feel as spa-like as possible. The focal point of this room is the pocket door that opens perfectly onto the private patio.And because I’m one of those people who need it total Needing to be dark for a good night’s sleep, I decided to use these doors to find a solution that provides blackout in an aesthetically clean and simple way. I’m relying on the Graber team to come up with

guest house

This small but huge area will be our little “boutique hotel”. I am very happy to be reborn as a place where customers can be happy. I’m adding a very large statement window facing the ocean, so the goal is to find a window treatment that provides privacy and the ability to darken the bedroom at night, but mostly disappears during the day, leaving me We can match the streamlined aesthetics we want for this space.

Your two main priorities are aesthetics and functionality, so could you take a peek at the Graber solution you plan to incorporate into the window treatments for this project?

As a first step in the process, we created an inspiration board. This includes Graber’s swatches that I’m most interested in.

Featured above: Surf, natural white and Finnish Grabber natural shades.

Since I currently have a grabber natural shades When sheer drape My Austin home already knows how much I love them. Both of these products are used throughout the Malibu project.We are considering introducing Graber slide panel For the first time, either in the study or the master bedroom. Both of these rooms feature large pocket doors, but we also want the ability to be completely darkened, so we’re excited to explore this a bit more! A smart solution.

Look forward to my final choices and to see the spaces start to take shape. I appreciate you being there to advise on specific details. This saves me from making a (expensive) mistake that will ultimately not work in my final installation.


Next time, we’ll share expert tips and advice on how to choose and sort window treatments. all Customization options available. Lining, hardware, valance – we’ve got you covered!

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