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How to Heal through Metaphor: Tap into the Secret Language of Your Brain

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“As soon as the universe replaces my fear-based beliefs with new perceptions, I receive a miracle.” ~Gabby Bernstein

After my mother’s death, when I was cleaning out a room in a nursing home, I found a small heart-shaped stone with the word “silence” written on it. I brought it back to California and carry it with me often. Hefty and heavy, her comfy and reminds me of her.

I love the weight of that little stone.

Heavy things are comforting when we are sad. No wonder so many people go for mud baths when they want to de-stress. (For mud weight, Similarly, weighted blankets reduce anxiety and help you relax and fall asleep.

Due to our culture’s extreme emphasis on analytical thinking, many of us ignore the powerful wisdom and healing qualities of our simple, embodied felt sense… heavy.

This is unfortunate because the felt sense is the source of our intuition.

When we go to a friend’s house, we may find it ‘peaceful’ or ‘dark’. We may feel ‘lightened’ or ‘flattened’ when we step away from the conversation. A new project at work may feel “too small,” “stuck,” “out of your head,” or “flowing.” We may find that it’s time to be “bigger” in life, or vice versa. Or you might say to your friend, “I have to let go” or “I have to move on.”

These are all examples of metaphor, the sensory and intuitive language of our right cerebral hemisphere. The right hemisphere is part of our brain, intimacy with the world. You don’t sit down from a safe distance and analyze things. We make sense of the world by getting up close and personal.

that feel That way.

Metaphor is also how we receive higher knowledge. That is how the Spirit, the Divine, the Higher Consciousness, or what you call that Higher Realm of Wisdom, talk to us.

Consciously or not, metaphors are how we learn, grow, and heal.

Experienced the healing power of metaphor for the first time

In my late twenties, I was involved in a head-on collision on a highway. A car traveling on the road at 60 mph crossed the center line and hit us head-on.

I found that my back was broken. My legs were lifeless and I couldn’t move. I had no sensation from the waist down and was in excruciating pain.

After several hours of agony, I was finally flown to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where doctors told me my T-12 had been fractured and my spinal cord was out of alignment by 40 degrees. Surgery is needed to fuse the spine, but he has less than a 5% chance of walking again.

In other words, I was facing a big f$%^&# problem.

But that night something else happened. An emergency room nurse came up to me and whispered in her ear, “Imagine floating above the clouds.”

So I closed my eyes and imagined myself floating above the clouds…which, of course, required my body to be light. For the next few days, I focused on floating and getting as light as possible.

And what happened was, not only did I eventually regain the ability to walk, but a year after being discharged from the Mayo Clinic, I started playing soccer (badly, lol). ). Now no one would imagine that my spine was fused together or that I had such a terrible accident.

Notice that lightness is a very different energy than the weight of my little heart-shaped stone.

Different qualities are needed at different times for different situations and circumstances.

Despite our culture’s extreme emphasis on achievement and production, our best jobs and best lives do not respond well to impositions. No matter how hard you try, it is difficult to force things to happen that are not in line with God’s wisdom. (Just like pushing a boat up a flowing river is difficult.)

The apple tree does not force the fruit to ripen when it is not yet ripe. A natural life cycle is thereby unfolded, the fruit of which will be harvested in due time.

The same is true for humans. Healing, growth, insight and creative breakthroughs occur when we are aligned with the felt sense of higher wisdom.

Now… are you in building season? Harvest time? Time to explore? Or do you study? Break time? Do you have time to open? Time to be nice? Time to let go? Is it time to stand firm and stand your ground? Time for expansion?

You may be wondering what to do with the problems you are having with your son. Or how to cure a digestive problem you’re experiencing. Or how to finally find peace and contentment in your life. Or how to lose an extra 10 pounds.

In my work, these questions are answered by the emotional nature of metaphor.

To find the metaphor you need right now, try this…

1. Take a moment to focus on your breathing. Shift your attention to your own inner knowledge and imagine that there is a vast field of very enlightened energy here. You are much more than your physical body. You are also far beyond your thinking capacity.

2. Next, a simple image naturally comes to mind. Don’t waste your time thinking about it. We work with metaphors. Any The image is fine. Alternatively, you can open a magazine and select the first image you see. Or have a friend send you the image. (But again, don’t let your friends waste your time) idea I’m trying to find the “appropriate” image for it or for myself. Have them choose a random image. )

3. Cliffs, trees, pencils, ants, ducks, the ocean, whatever simple images you come up with are metaphors and bring wisdom to you.

4. Don’t make stories about images. Instead, push your thinking mind away from it and focus on just two or three main qualities.

5. Write down these two or three main attributes. Sturdy, clear, vast, big, small, gentle, light, strong, clear, flowing, wide, etc. Remember to keep it simple. For example, an image might be a sturdy house, a small blueberry, or a large field.

6. These two or three attributes were given to you for a reason. They can bring you the insight, healing, growth, and energy shift you need right now. Take a moment to write down why you think you have those qualities.

If you get a small or tiny thing like a blueberry or a silver coin, what does that little thing mean to you? Have you accepted the responsibility? Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do? Are you getting too involved in your daughter’s marriage? Or are you giving your friends advice you don’t want? I’m telling you to Please be smaller.

If you have firmness and toughness, how are those qualities of firmness and toughness serving you now? In your life, you need to protect your boundaries. Do you have a situation? Where do you need to be stronger?

If you were to have something big, is there a gift or ability you don’t have yet? BIG is telling you that you are more than you think you are. .

If you get something vast (sky, field, ocean, etc.), it’s often an acknowledgment of something in your life. under you. Whatever it is, it’s more than you can know.

My metaphorical image has been feeding the soup for the last few weeks. Every time I ask myself what to do next, I get the image of having a soupy sensation and enjoying its juiciness.

Ever since my mother passed away, I have been in rest mode. I took time to grieve, to find my voice, to take time to find myself. But there’s a creative movement under the surface of this soup image. It feels juicy, rich and nutritious.

It also makes you feel relaxed. You don’t need the juicy richness of the soup. achievement anything right now.it just to be wealth.

Whatever the primary sensory quality that has appeared to you, it is a directional indicator. That is your very wise North Star. As you follow it, you will be healed, connect with a deeper awareness of yourself, and experience miracles far beyond what you could have done on your own.

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