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[This story contains major spoilers from the series finale of Barry, “Wow.”]

After all, it was neither the Chechen mob nor the FBI who finally brought down outlaw assassin Barry Berkman. it was (Second spoiler alert!) Jean M. Cousineau in Henry Winkler.

Of course, Kuznoe thought he had already done this when he set up Barry’s arrest in the season 3 finale, but the assassination attempts on Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan) and Cristóbal (Michael Irby) made Barry I got a chance to escape from prison and live a poor life. He lived with Sally (Sarah Goldberg) and their eventual son John for eight years. Kusnoe also believed that Barry Berkman’s problems were finally resolved in the fourth episode of the final season when he fired a “prop gun” gifted to him by Rip Torn, thinking it was a vengeful Barry. (Andrew Lees), who shot his son Leo instead, was delivering takeout from Gene’s favorite Coral Tree Cafe to his secluded Big Bear cabin.

However, in the Bill Hader-directed series finale, Gene again picks up the Riptone gun and uses it to kill Barry at point-blank range without hesitation or a word, so no more mistakes or mistakes. There were no half-measures.

“So [Bill] told me [the ending in the middle of the season], I’m pretty talkative, but I’m at a loss for words. “What!?” So I stuttered and stuttered a bit, but then I walked away and ate avocado toast,” Winkler said. hollywood reporter.

After all, Jean had nothing to lose. He’s already guilty of the murder of Detective Janice Moss (Paula Newsom) by not revealing a $250,000 worth of Chechen drug money gifted to him by Barry in season 3, and even his son is guilty of this omission. used to conclude that the father had committed a criminal act. He was the criminal mastermind who deliberately shot him. But according to Winkler, that doesn’t mean his biological son was further blamed for the incident. LA Times It pushed Gene beyond his limits. It was her surrogate, inheriting the nefarious legacy of her son Barry, that triggered her trigger.

“It was because Gene was being blamed for something he knew Barry did,” Winkler said. “Gene seemed to be in one of the rooms with the wall looming in the middle, and she was almost crushed by the evidence. Remember, Barry was the son Gene wanted. and not the child who was actually Jean’s son.”

Below, during a recent spoiler conversation THRWinkler also describes Gene’s headspace as the camera leaves for the last time from the unjustly disgraced acting teacher and his lifeless protégé Barry. He then reflects on his valuable writings on the HBO series in the wake of his current WGA strike.

Well, let’s stop burying leads. When I opened the script for the final episode of the series, Barry I read that it was Cousineau who ended Barry Berkman’s life. How did you react to such a shocking event?

Well, you have to understand, we didn’t see the script. It was sent to us just a few weeks ago. So, I didn’t read the script before shooting.


Mid-season, Bill [Hader] “You finally broke up,” he said to me. [episode] Eight. Want to know how it ends? And I said, “Of course,” but I didn’t think it would go that far. So he said to me, I’m pretty fluent, but I was speechless. I said, “What!?” So I stuttered and stammered a bit, but walked away and ate my avocado toast.

So, before pulling the trigger, Gene was drowning in self-pity that he was guilty of murdering Janice (Paula Newsom) by not revealing the $250,000 Barry gave him in Season 3.

Well, it’s not just self-pity. In this season’s seventh episode, Gene faces all the evidence that points to him, but literally finds no way out. He even said to his son, “You must help me here.”and Leo [Andrews Leeds] “Well, you didn’t explain much to me about anything, let alone money.” So I think Gene went nuts at that moment. She’s Jean, she just got back from building homes for other people on the kibbutz and she’s been doing all she can to try and keep everything together. [in Israel]. Most of those houses have collapsed. Jean wasn’t very good at it. (smile.) But I think he went insane. So it wasn’t necessarily out of self-pity. It was just a blank space in his brain.

Henry Winkler’s Barry Series finale “Wow”.

Photo courtesy of HBO

He also used harmful news articles, particularly LA Times, There Leo reiterated the belief that Gene shot him because he found out that he had paid for the house with Chechen drug money. Was losing his son that way the turning point in killing Barry?

i don’t think so. I think it was because Gene was being accused of knowing what Barry did. Jean seemed to be in one of the rooms with the walls looming in the middle, and the evidence almost crushed him. Remember, Barry wasn’t the kid who actually was Gene’s son, but the one Gene wanted. Gene maintained this push-pull relationship with Leo throughout her life, but Leo always seemed to bring Gene back. And she this time, when Jean came back from the kibbutz, she went into Leo’s house, but he didn’t say, “I have to leave.” It’s over. ‘ He said, ‘Okay, come on in.’ But now he says, “Oh, you didn’t tell me the truth. I can’t help you.” In short, Gene is completely hobbled by the situation he thought he had control over.

From pulling the trigger to sitting on the couch until the camera moves away from Gene and the lifeless Barry, what do you think of that day’s interactions with Bill?

It was business as usual. I brewed some tea and then entered Gene’s space. In real life, when I was younger, I used to say that my brain went from pink to murky gray when I was arguing at home. So I listened to the opera to get back to equilibrium and back to pink. So I think Gene’s brain was in that murky gray. He had just surrendered himself to space. He had no more cards to play, no more Gene tricks. He was a cooked fish with a fork stuck in it, and the universe swallowed him into the void.

He killed Barry using a prop gun gifted to him by Rip Torn. crazy joe and larry sanders showhas that prop gun ever blurred the line between fiction and reality for you?

I never thought of that. I just laughed at the liptones I know. The Rip Torn I knew was an extraordinary actor who literally said to me, “The CIA made me hold out my hand, then put a bowl of water in each hand to see how long I could hold out.” ”(Winkler impersonated Tone.) So what do you do with it? I said, “Hey, would you like some coffee?” Let’s have some salad, Rip.” (smile) but he was a nice guy.

The series ends with Barry’s now-teenage son, John (Jaeden Martell), watching a Barry Berkman movie. mask collector, and it portrays Gene as the ultimate villain and Barry as the heroic victim. Will she be heartbroken to learn that Gene inherited her legacy that basically belonged to Barry?

absolutely. The man was fake from the moment Jean met him. He just wouldn’t let himself see it. Therefore, his heart aches. Gene poured everything she had into this man and gave him all her excellent education. he helped him he adopted him as his son. Of course, Gene was also completely irrelevant.When he did a one-man show for Ron O’Neal [Patrick Fischler] from vanity fair, Gene thought he was in control, but he was just a hanging puppet. He was being kicked around like a soccer ball during European Premier League matches.

last month you mentioned For me, I think you shot the scene yourself and believed that this was the last shot. Barry. And during the wrapping, you said Bill hugged you and thanked you for being a great collaborator. What kind of scene did that end up being?

it was the scene [in episode four] Gene then shoots through the door towards the intruder. I thought he was Barry, but he was actually his son. So we were in Gene’s cabin at Big Bear in the cold, but got out just in time before the snow shut everything down. But that was the scene. The staff was waiting for me outside the door. I know for sure that Bill must have said something to each actor as they finished their work on this great series, but it was still very powerful for me to hear him say it.

Now that the Big Bear episode (“It Takes a Psycho”) has aired, have you planned a trip to the Coral Tree Cafe just to find out what nearly killed Jean’s son?

(smile.) It’s down the street from where I live, so it was very interesting. I had been there once about 20 years ago, but I had never actually been there. It seems to be a restaurant that likes salad very much, and the last thing you order at lunch is a salad. I tend to eat a lot, but I prefer bolognese to salad.

Given what is currently happening in our industry, can you come up with an example of the following? Barry Where did good writing make a big difference in your performance or understanding of Gene?

I feel very strongly about this. Writing is the beginning and the end. Without letters, no one has a place to hang their hats. A director can’t direct, an actor can’t act, a designer can’t design, and a cameraman doesn’t know what to shoot. And from 2016 to 2023, BarryThe writing was exceptional from soup to nuts. [Writer’s Note: Barry’s pilot was shot in 2016.] And it’s like when you think there might be a problem, you say, “There might be a problem,” and the sentence automatically repairs itself.It just bubbles and masks the problem, and it’s Bill and Alec’s fault [Berg]Liz Sarnoff, Duffy [Boudreau] and all the writers. that is the truth.

No one from the East, where the writer is king, can change the words of a Broadway playwright without permission, but here the writer is the first to be fired. I don’t mean to criticize you, but how can we not see the importance of writers to the structure of what we do? You have to create entertainment from your stomach. You have to make it by instinct. A balance sheet and head alone will not make it. it doesn’t work. We are all the same, and if you were real, someone would say, or.i lived or. or That person is my Uncle Howard! ”

Sally (Sarah Goldberg) taught Gene’s method earlier in the season, but the students accused her of being abusive. Did you think Gene’s technique was abusive?

No, it wasn’t. I thought Gene was doing a first-class job, especially when the students paid in cash on time. (smile.) Gene didn’t care about being abused. He knew a little, and developed it a little. It was like trying to spread bread across the edge with only a little bit of butter.

You previously likened Gene to an addict, and were disappointed to find that it relapsed as quickly as you heard Daniel Day-Lewis and Mark Wahlberg could star in future movies. mosquito? mask collectorEight years in Israel seem to have never let his insatiable appetite for the spotlight falter.

Wasn’t it fun? Disappointing, but not disappointing. After the agent role played by Nate Corddry and the phone call with Sally, Gene knows she shouldn’t do this, but I think she’s made it clear that she has to do it anyway. Gene’s chances of being a star again, and maybe she’s a star again, are far greater than good.

Congrats Henry Winkler, bravo, job well done.

thank you.I have to tell you that I am very sad now Barry finished. This show and these people were a gift from heaven and I am in shock right now.

Barry is now available on HBO and Max.This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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