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If You Really Want to Change the World: 4 Ways to Be Kind

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“People will forget what you said, what you did, but I’ve learned to never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

I have now reached an age in my life where I frequently receive emails and texts informing me that someone I know has passed away. There are also teachers. Others were friends’ parents and older members of my church.

One day, I was shocked by the news that someone had died. Now it’s almost every month and I’m used to it.

Whenever I receive one of these texts or emails, I always go looking for an obituary. I love learning what people chose to do in this one life given. Apart from their achievements, What kind of person was that person really??

Because the reality is that your achievements are not the most important thing in your life. how you made people feel, as Maya Angelou aptly stated. In other words: were you kind to others?

Why is kindness so important? Kindness is the only way to change the world for the better. For example, I can give you $20. You can use it to buy one meal for him. Sure, it’s a nice gesture.

But what if I give you some encouragement? What if you took the time to specifically identify your talents and talents? And my kindness could have changed your life.

Kindness is powerful. In fact, being kind is the most important thing we do in life.

Here are some ways to start incorporating kindness into your daily life. If you make acts of kindness a part of your daily life, you will be the one who changes the world in the most beautiful ways.

kindly to encourage

We live in a highly critical world. Sadly, people are quick to criticize and hesitate to praise. Given the harshness of our world, it’s no wonder so many people have lost confidence in themselves.

Kind people are our only hope in fighting the world’s negativity.because they are kind people encourage othersThey are the type of people who bother to comment when someone has done something well.

But please understand that encouraging others is what we must do deliberately choose do. For example, compliments often pop into my head. “Her hair looks great today.” or “That was a great presentation.” As a result, I try to say those compliments aloud as much as possible.

Recognize that being an encourager must be a conscious choice. Otherwise, those complementary thoughts will remain in our brains.

So choose to praise rather than criticize, choose to be kind. Build others instead of destroying them. Then the world would be a much more comfortable place for everyone.

Helpful in the “right” way

Most of us want to be helpful. After all, that’s what good people do. We help others! But the problem is that we help others too often. Wrong Way.

For example, I learned many years ago that to be a good mother, you must help your daughter in the following ways. she asked for help.

Problems surfaced one day when her room was a mess. I thought I would help her by putting it away.Later that day she came home from her school and asked for help with her homework. But she cleaned up her room so I was exhausted by that point. I didn’t ask you to do that.What am i requirement It’s my homework to help. ”

she was right That moment was the turning point for me. I tend to think I know what’s best for everyone! But after that experience, I realized that even when I thought I knew the best, I needed to help others. they i need help

Because if you help people in the way you think is best for them, you are not respecting them. ‘ is saying. And that attitude is demeaning.

So part of being kind to others is helping them out with respect. If you want to help someone (or give a gift), the person wantsYou are not really kind and helpful if you simply help them in a paternalistic way of telling them what you know best.Instead, help others and be kind right How.

To be kind, choose compassion over judgment

Unfortunately, it is human nature to judge others. After all, how often do we walk by a homeless person and think, “He needs to get a job!” Or if you have an alcoholic in your family, we say: Get your life together.Or, if you have a child who struggles with math, tell the child, “These bad grades are it’s your fault I need to study more and stop fooling around. ”

But being kind means offering compassion, even if it’s very easy to judge. I think the best way to avoid the “judgment trap” is to regularly remind yourself:

What that means is that some of us get lucky in life. Or maybe you were born with a gender, skin color, or nationality (or all three!). This makes life much easier than it is for others.

Coming from a place of compassion rather than judgment, it makes sense that some people are better dealt with in life than others and that we need to interact with those who are struggling. Our attitude is, “I am very sorry that you are suffering. Let’s think of ways to improve this situation.”

I admit it gets frustrating when people make big mistakes that negatively impact our lives and the lives of others. Remember, being kind means being considerate, even when it’s a lot easier to judge.

value kindness over righteousness

Many years ago I hosted a family gathering and there was a heated discussion about politics. Angry words were said. People insulted each other. And everyone left the gathering in a terrible mood.

What was particularly stupid about the whole thing was that the discussion was pointless. None of us worked in politics. And none of us could rule politics other than his one vote in each election. So we didn’t change the world by arguing. We just ruined our relationship with each other.

I’ve had similar experiences when it comes to discussions about other hot topics like religion. Now I do not try to impose my religious views on anyone. Rather, I view religion as a very personal matter.

Nevertheless, I do occasionally receive slanderous and insulting remarks about my religious beliefs from atheists and agnostics. I choose not to refute when I hear those statements, but always think to myself. How did that statement make the world a better place?”

Recognize that problems arise when we care more about being right than we are KindnessOf course, there are times when we need to raise concerns. For example, whenever you see someone being treated unfairly, you should speak up. But that’s not the same as requiring others to see the world exactly the way we do.

To treat others kindly, we must be willing to agree to disagree. We cannot force others into our point of view. Instead, we must value being kind over being right.

If you really want to change the world, the easiest thing you can do is be kind. Strive to be kind, even when you don’t feel like it. Because it’s the easiest thing you can do to make the world a better place.

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