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Inside Trevor Noah’s Star-Studded ‘Daily Show’ Farewell – Rolling Stone

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how say goodbye late night program Redefining by your existence?Well, if you’re listening to the advice of Comedy Central Executives, Paramount Global Boardrooms, and whole daily show staff– you don’t. but, Trevor Noahstepped back daily show I sat down at my desk for the last time as the host on Thursday night to say goodbye and thank you to the party.

“One last time,” Noah said, starting the show. “Let’s celebrate.”

Farewell with a full cast of correspondents and crew, and a semi-successful serenade with Liverpool favorite ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, Noah made his final show more human than partisan. Inspired to focus on life and context — in a show that changed forever under his leadership while looking back at everything.

When Noah announced his departure From the show earlier this month, a bombshell revelation sent fans scrambling for the reasons behind his sudden exit. It was also a shock to the show’s cast and crew, who heard the news live with the audience. Because I didn’t want to be someone who speaks to others and speaks to others,” Noah said. hollywood reporter“And this is where we create stuff. [The show] It’s where we are together, it’s our space, so it felt like the most natural way for me to tell everyone at the same time.

From 2023, daily show Hosted by a rotating list of guests, Noah embarks on North America in 28 cities Standing tourBut according to Noah, there were no fights or outbursts or big big job opportunities that caused him to leave, nothing more than a desire to do something, something, new.This lack of planning was enough for the correspondent Michael Costa, Desi Riddick, Dalth Sloan, Roy Wood Jr. Jordan Klepper All to poke mild fun during their turn in the spotlight.

“Are you quitting your job for nothing?” Sloan pointed out. “Wow, you really are half-white.”

The big question on everyone’s mind is what Noah will do next, but the show does an incredible job of following Noah’s path from unknown newcomer to beloved (and somewhat divisive) public figure. Rather than showcasing some of the host’s most influential videos, it was a gentle mashup of his favorite catchphrase, “Get out of here, man.”It also included a cheeky celebrity send-off from oprahIssa Rae, Tracy Ellis Ross, Nick Offerman, bill gatesformer presidential candidate Hillary Clinton— A true exercise in why you should teach celebrities how to shoot landscape iPhone videos. However, Noah received an exaggerated amount of praise and gratitude, and constantly turned his attention to the audience and the audience executives who chose him in the first place.

“Savor every moment,” he said in an introspective moment. He has advice for younger versions of himself: “There are moments in life that mean something. [But] It’s hard in life to understand how all of your growth comes from a crappy moment…and don’t invest in crypto. ”

When Noah is bugged by executives and blessed by his former host John Stewart In 2015, he was relatively unknown in the American stand-up comedy world, having been a correspondent for The Daily Show for just three months before joining as host. But Noah’s inexperience with American politics, seen by many as a weakness, gave the former host a fresh perspective during the rise of candidate Donald Trump. You’ll find yourself criticized for your tendency to “speak it as a human being” in daily show The host charted the show from a global perspective, allowing Noah to imbue his comedy with a serious intent to see the good in others. , and battled the initial drop in viewership to become a prime-time television staple for millennials.

Trevor Noah saying goodbye during the final taping of daily show December 8, 2022.

Comedy Central

Does Noah’s departure mark a big shift in late-night TV? Hard to say. Our current understanding of the format is that the host needs to be fresh enough to keep the series from stagnating, but established enough to keep the audience engaged and watching. In all the success stories like Colbert, Stewart, Noah is in a class now, and failure can push comedy progress years back.Thursday’s guest comedian Neil Brennan As pointed out, that was not the case with Noah.[You] Bringing variety to late night. daily show into the breakfast club

You can easily imagine the final daily show Noah was much bigger than what was filmed on Thursday. There were no major guests, no grand memorial service, and surprisingly few tears. It was celebration that was present in every moment the correspondents hugged, kissed, and hugged their growing children. There were even moments when I put everything aside to thank you for your support and knowledge.

“Who do you think teaches?” he said, referring to his mother and grandmother. “Unlike everyone else, black women can’t afford to fuck and find out.”


In the air of a man confident in his choices, Trevor Noah is determined to bid farewell to seven years of the show and create a final bow centered around the friends and family that mean the most to him. I concentrated.

“It was the craziest trip that I didn’t expect or expect,” Noah told the packed audience. “It was an honor, thank you.”

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