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Jeremy Strong Reacts to ‘Succession’ Death Shocker – Variety

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Spoiler alert: In this post, we explore the grand plot unfolding in season 4, episode 3 of ‘Connor’s Wedding,’ of ‘Succession,’ now streaming on HBO Max.

Jeremy Strong has spoken out for the first time about the shocking death of his “succession” last week. The Kendall star, who plays her Roy on the HBO series, had a pivotal role in the episode “Connor’s Wedding,” written by “Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong.

“It went through my heart, not my heart,” Strong said variety“What I mean is that it didn’t go through my head as much as I thought it would be heartbreaking to read or experience when we were making it.” ”

Strong, like fans of “Succession,” was “really shocked by the suddenness, the banality, the banality of these developments, in a way, the inability to have the moment under control.” there is,” he said. Be. The suddenness of these things and the irreversibility of events of this kind. The facts of death, their facts, and now we have to face that grief and loss in the midst of the Viper fight. “

The episode was directed by executive producer Marc Myrod and featured a boat with Connor Roy (Alan Luck) and his brothers Kendall, Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Logan on board. Both Waystar and Loiko planes were central. had flown to Sweden with his management to try to get the deal back.

spoke strongly variety At the 9th Annual Breakthrough Awards ceremony on Saturday. The event, held at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, honors “the world’s leading scientists who have contributed to modern scientific achievements.”

Strong and Cox didn’t necessarily meet eye to eye when it came to acting styles. Especially about Strong’s use of method acting.Cox labeled Strong’s style ‘fucking annoying’ in an interview and later spewed out his thoughts as follows: variety: “I’m sorry. Anything like ‘I think, therefore I feel’.” just do the job. Please don’t be specific. “

Variety interviewed Mylod about directing ‘Connor’s Wedding’ here. Find out more about the episode here. And how the producers prevented the storyline from leaking out here.

“Succession” Season 4 airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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