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John Mulaney Reveals The Celebs Who Had The ‘Worst Reaction’ To His ‘SNL’ Pitches

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John Mulaney stopped by.hot onesairs Thursday, dropping a few biting remarks about the former celebrity guest host of “Saturday Night Live.”

When host Sean Evans asked Mulaney who had the “worst reaction” to his pitch during the show, the “Baby J” comic was quick to name.

“Josh Brolin,” Mullaney said without hesitation. “I was writing something and Josh Brolin said, ‘Well, this isn’t funny,’ and I started explaining it to him, and he said, ‘Oh no, but that’s funny. I said no.”

“It was so obvious that I can’t even say ‘worst,'” Mulaney begins to recant.

“It was a very gentlemanly exchange, so I won’t answer any questions,” the comedian joked. “‘Hey, Josh Brolin, do you like this idea?’ ‘Well, that’s not fun.’

“He’s been really nice to me,” Mulaney continued, naming another standout celebrity.

“I remember when Mick Jagger was hosting, there was a joke, ‘Hey guys, I’m Mick Jagger, so mothers lock up their daughters and daughters lock up their mothers,'” he said. Mulaney said. “And he listened, and he said, ‘No, I don’t like that.'”

Mulaney shared a version of the same story during the 2018 broadcast stand-up special Kid Gorgeous.

“Mick Jagger, he came in to host the show. All my friends were like, ‘Is he good?’ No,” Mulaney said with a laugh. “Or maybe he is, from his version of life, because he lives a completely different life!”

“I threw him a joke and he said, ‘That’s not funny!'” Mullaney said, imitating the star in his British accent. “Despite what the internet says, a British millionaire in leather pants would never look to your face and say ‘That’s not funny!'”

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