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Juilliard fires professor after independent investigation finds credible evidence of misconduct

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People walk in front of the Eileen Diamond Building at the Juilliard School on August 3, 2020.


Professor Robert Beeser, former head of the Juilliard School of Music Composition, provides credible evidence that Professor Beeser “has acted in a way that is contrary to Juilliard’s commitment to interfering with individual learning and providing safe and supportive learning.” dismissed after an independent investigation found He created an environment for students and had an “unreported relationship” that violated school policy.

In a memo provided to CNN, the Juilliard School said in December 2022 that it had conducted a “comprehensive review of allegations of sexual misconduct in the composition department in the late 1990s and early 2000s.” there is

In a statement to CNN, Beeser’s attorney, Richard C. I didn’t show it,” he said.

Allegations against Mr. Beeser, who served as chairman of the division from 1994 to 2018, came back to the fore after reports in classical music magazines. van In December, the magazine published an article investigating accusations that Beeser repeatedly made sexual advances to students and had sexual relations with some of them.

In the article, VAN magazine alleges Beeser faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, some of which date back to the late 1990s and early 2000s. According to VAN, Juilliard’s Title IX coordinator was aware of some allegations in 2018.

Beeser went on leave after the release of the report, according to the memo, and Juilliard hired PC’s Potter & Murdoch Law Firm to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in its composition department.

“Some of these allegations were previously investigated by the Juilliard School in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and again in 2017-2018, and were treated on the basis of our understanding of the information provided at that time. ” the note said. “However, in order to consider new information reported in the media and to better understand the relevant facts, our administration will launch an independent investigation in December 2022 to review the composition faculty pending the results of the investigation. I put Robert Beeser on leave.”

While the allegations were being raised, the survey concluded that “some students, especially women, experienced environments within the department that did not meet the school’s values ​​and expectations.”

Beeser’s lawyer said the university did not provide credible evidence of sexual harassment.

“The relationship mentioned in the Juilliard announcement happened 30 years ago and was well known in school for many years. It was the subject of preliminary research,” Schoenstein said. “Dr. Beeser denies allegations of misrepresenting the facts. In addition, he participated fully and voluntarily in this investigation (and previous investigations). Other allegations suggested by the school.” None of them are specific and their sources are not specified.”

An independent investigation also found credible evidence that Pulitzer Prize- and Grammy Award-winning composer Christopher Rouse, a former professor of composition, made sexual advances and remarks to students, although Rouse was found dead in 2019. Due to his death, the allegations could not be fully investigated, the memo said.

In addition to sacking Beeser, the school said it plans to ban any sexual or sexual relations between teachers and students from the fall. So far, the school has only banned sexual relations between faculty and undergraduates. But it allowed relationships between faculty and graduate students in which there was no power imbalance that could be exploited, such as being in the same department.

“Our school recognizes its leadership role in addressing historical inequalities in the field of composition, and over the past few years, through artistic programs, mentorship initiatives, artist residencies, etc. has worked to address inequality in

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