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Kanye West admits he ‘likes’ Hitler during shocking Alex Jones interview

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infamous rapper Kanye West admitted ‘I like Hitler’ He and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes were interviewed by right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Infowars.

West, who was fired from the likes of Adidas, GAP and Balenciaga following a string of anti-Semitic comments, repeatedly praised him. Nazi Leader during the Thursday morning show.

Despite Jones’ attempts to say he didn’t believe West was a Nazi, the hip-hop star cut him off, claiming he was a fan of the man who oversaw the murder of nearly six million Jews.

“You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, you don’t deserve to be demonized,” Jones told West, who was strangely wearing a black hood over his face in the studio.

But West was not ready to accept Jones’ attempt to denounce Nazism.

“Well, I know some good things about Hitler, too,” West replied.

“Jews… I love you all. I don’t say ‘you can love me’ but this guy who invented the highway invented the microphone I use as a musician to say out loud that this guy did something good You can not.

“The classification is over. Every human being, especially Hitler, has something worth bringing to the table.”

Jones kept telling the rapper that he had a “Hitler fetish,” and when the show went into a commercial break, Jones told him that he didn’t like Nazis or Hitler.

West, who is set to run for president in 2024, later added, “They did good things too. We have to stop criticizing the Nazis all the time.”

Furthermore, “the Jewish media made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler offered the world nothing of value.”

After a shocking interview, Republican Twitter account The House Judiciary Committee said, “Kanye. Elon. Trump.” .

During Thursday’s interview, West also brought up nets and a bottle of Yoohoo chocolate milk in a seemingly mocking manner at Israel’s incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It comes a day after an Israeli politician said the Mar-a-Lago meeting with Donald Trump’s West and Fuentes was a “mistake.”

I condemned Kanye West for his anti-Semitic remarks. I think President Trump’s decision to dine with this person is wrong and misguided. he shouldn’t do that. i think he made a mistake. I hope it’s not repeated,” he said. American journalist Barry Weiss.

Many celebrities condemned West’s comments, include frozen star Josh Gadis Jewish.

“It’s not what Kanye West says that scares me,” he wrote on Twitter. It means you have 10,000 followers.

“People who say ‘I love Hitler’ should not be given oxygen on any social platform (period).”

Jon Stewart summed up his response without directly mentioning West.

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