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Losing the men in our lives to poor health

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We love the men in our lives: fathers, sons, husbands, partners, brothers and friends. But when it comes to keeping them healthy, it falls short.

Boys and men are more likely to die than girls and women throughout their lives, from early childhood through teenage years to middle age and old age. As a result, the gap in life expectancy between men and women is widening. in the United States, life expectancy in 2021 Female 79.1 years old, Male 73.2 years old. Her gap of 5.9 years is the largest in a quarter century.

This discovery comes as a surprise to many. And so it should be. It is true that for many years health research that focused on men, women and gender minorities was largely excluded.

But the advantages that men have in society – higher wages, greater power in government and business, representation in health research – have not translated into better health. You can read more about it in the story “The Quiet Crisis in the World Worsens”.

It would be helpful if you could read the comments as well. It’s amazing how many people are offended by the idea that men suffer. Others say the lifespan gap is simply due to biology – and we accept that. We should. But I think we can do more. As with girls, you can start by teaching boys and her teenage boys the importance of healthy habits and doctor visits. Men should have an annual physical examination by a reputable doctor. We need to encourage everyone in our lives to eat better, exercise, reduce stress, and build social connections. Research benefits everyone. Leave this reader comment.

“Maintaining good health as we age takes effort,” wrote one reader. “And a lot of men I know see their bodies as tools that only get attention when they’re broken.”

read more. You can also find many stories about men and boys in our special report on men’s health. This is at the end.

test for disability bias

Ableism is rooted in the belief that being able-bodied is ideal and that disabled people are poorer than you. Take our new quiz “Are you smart?” Explore seven scenarios that might reflect a competent mindset. This quiz was developed with input from 25 disability activists and academics.

Take each scenario at face value. There are always variables that can influence the answer, but try to pick the answer that you think best reflects how you would behave in a real-world situation. You can also learn more about why these scenarios reflect the mindset of people with disabilities. As you can see in the comments, many readers are unhappy with the answer.

No one quiz can capture all the nuances of thinking of people with disabilities, but the goal of this exercise is to get you thinking. After all, challenging your own prejudices is no easy task.


How AI Helped Give Patients Their Voices Back

Many people worry about the risks of artificial intelligence, but AI has great potential to make our lives better. This is the case with her ALS and other sick patients who may lose the ability to speak. AI technology makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to “bank” your voice to create a more lifelike computer-generated version of your voice.

Meet people living their lives to the fullest with these AI-generated voices. You can enjoy the story with sound on.

The patient was told that her voice might disappear. They turned to AI to save them.

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